Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Funny Thing About Destiny!

A Funny Thing About Destiny!

by Paul Castain

Did you ever stop and contemplate the events that transpired prior to today, that created  your life as you know it?

I mean a split second here or failure to take a chance there and right, wrong or indifferent, you might have different circumstances.

Destiny can be funny like that!

Today, we’re going to take a little trip back to a far away place called “the summer of 1982”. The summer before my senior year of High School. The summer I wore out my damn cassette tape of Eye Of The Tiger working out. The summer my band and I  broke up.

I remember sitting in my basement at the time thinking about how uncomfortable it was going to be having to sit through the music theory class we all signed up for. So I decided to do the honorable thing and drop the class, but then,  I became obsessed with a feeling that the French refer to as a certain “Screwthatedness” and decided I wasn’t backing down. That was the easy way out.

So I take this Music Theory class and one day my teacher approaches me (rather cautiously) and asks if I would like to be an extra in the school musical.

Time Out: The 17 year old version of Uncle Paul wanted nothing to do with High School plays. Actually, if they were doing something on Ozzy or VanHalen, I would have jumped all over it, but this was “South Pacific” and I found the music a tad lame for my sophisticated metal palate.

So I looked that music teacher in the eye and told him I’d do it. Actually, I have no idea if I looked him in the eye. I always suspected that he wore a rug. Chances are pretty superb that I was fixated by that chia pet on his head but I’m digressing!

I decided to do it, because once in a while (and pardon the bluntness) you just gotta say “What the fudge” (only I didn’t say fudge)

That’s where this whole business of destiny comes home to roost.

It was because of continually facing the things that made me uncomfortable that I had the guts to ask out a very good looking dudette in the musical and . . .

It was 5 years later, on this day, in 1988 that she became my wife!

Life can take on a very different dynamic when you appreciate its fragility!

One phone call

One risk

One moment when you find yourself willing to take that chance

Even that moment when you hit a threshold, but this time you take action!

Today I invite you to:

Find something in your life and celebrate it

Face up to that inner bully and step outside  your comfort zone

Understand that whatever you choose to do, or choose NOT to do today can and will create your tomorrow.
And finally, if I might be so bold, how about a thought or a prayer on my behalf that I get at least another 22 years with my awesome bride! :) 

Wishing you an intentional life my friend!

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