Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be Among The First!

Be Among The First!

Being first has always been important. We want to be the first to map uncharted territory. We want to be on the cutting edge of everything from nutrition to entertainment. Wanting to be first isn’t a bad thing. It’s human nature to want to discover.

So pre-order The Healthy Home today to make sure you’re the first person on your block to have your very own copy of Dave and Dr. Wentz’s new book. And doing it is easy. The Healthy Home can be pre-ordered now at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Walden Books, Books A Million, your local community bookstore, or any major online bookseller—especially
Amazon.com. Pre-order the book so it can ship out when it’s released on March 22.

Not only will you have bragging rights over your neighbors, but pre-ordering means you’ll get a jump on applying all the information and solutions in The Healthy Home to your life, and a head start on sharing the book with your friends, family, neighbors, and prospects. Your pre-order also means you’ll play a part in pushing The Healthy Home to best-seller status.

With the useful information, tips, and powerful message, this is one occasion you can’t afford to be second. Pre-order your copy of The Healthy Home today!

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