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Using The Healthy Home Book to Grow Your USANA Business

Using The Healthy Home Book 

to Grow Your USANA Business

The Healthy Home was written to alert readers to potential dangers that lurk within the walls of their homes. First and foremost, it’s about awareness. But The Healthy Home also presents an incredible prospecting opportunity for you, the Associate.

As incredible as it is, this book is not your typical prospecting tool. It will not teach your prospects about USANA—instead, it will raise their awareness on a broad spectrum of health issues, and they’ll have questions that will need to be answered by you. So while you can simply hand out copies of The Healthy Home as you would any other prospecting tool, you may want to change the way you prospect with it in order to use it to its full potential.

Find New Audiences
The Healthy Home presents a great opportunity for you to prospect to demographics you might not normally target. It was written for homeowners and people who are interested in keeping their homes safe—particularly mothers of young children, health-conscious individuals, and those looking for “green” or safer ways to clean, eat, and live.

If you don’t normally prospect to people who fit these descriptions, then it may be a good time to try something new. Stepping out of your comfort zone is difficult—especially when it comes to approaching a cold market full of people you wouldn’t normally target. But finding new audiences can be a rewarding experience: it can dramatically open your prospecting options and introduce you to entire groups of people you wouldn’t normally meet. And with The Healthy Home, you have a perfect sales tool that was written especially for them.

The Dr. Wentz Story—A Fresh Take
The Dr. Wentz story is at the heart of USANA. His life mission is the reason USANA exists and why unparalleled quality goes into every product USANA makes. The Healthy Home is a fresh, new way to tell the Dr. Wentz story—you can tell your friends about a man who has dedicated his life to freeing the world from disease and suffering, and is raising awareness about hidden health dangers through a compelling new book with his son, Dave. Don’t miss this opportunity to introduce Dr. Wentz and his powerful story to everyone you meet.

Personal Education Tool
You may not be a microbiologist like Dr. Wentz, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know what’s going on in the world around you. The Healthy Home is the perfect way to educate yourself about things that take place in your home on a cellular level—which is the heart of USANA nutrition. While it’s good to give copies of the book to interested prospects, it would help if you could answer their questions afterwards. That doesn’t mean you need to know everything about volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or the oxidation half-life of fresh-cut fruit, but it would help if you read The Healthy Home and educated yourself about the things that matter most to your prospects.

Target, Target, Target
Many of USANA’s sales tools are fairly inexpensive, so it’s easy to distribute newspapers and flyers with abandon. But The Healthy Home is a relatively expensive sales tool. The key to prospecting with The Healthy Home is to be selective, and really target your audiences. Give copies to people you know would truly be interested, and then be sure to follow up with them after they’ve read it. Remember: target, target, target!

Social Media
It seems like The Healthy Home and social media were made for each other. Online tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and personal blogs are a great way to advertise the book to all your friends, pique their interest, or even host contests and giveaways. Although there are seemingly countless ways to use social media to promote The Healthy Home, here are a few suggestions to help you get started:
  • Post some of the quiz questions found on on Facebook. Just don’t post the answers—pique your friends’ interest, and then give them a copy of the book for more information.
  • Have you seen the “Did You Know?” video? It’s brief, but powerful. E-mail this video to your friends, and imbed it on your website, Facebook page, and blog.
  • The Healthy Home is sure to cause a stir in the national media—especially once the book tour gets under way. Keep an eye out for press mentions, and then e-mail, text, post, blog, and tweet about them.
  • Get people interested by tweeting problems or questions found in the book. Questions like “Why is the air quality inside your home worse than the air outside?” or “What are the dangers of sleeping with a cell phone under your pillow?” are bound to get people talking.
  • Post, blog, or tweet about your favorite chapter of the book.
  • Host giveaways on Facebook or your blog—give prizes to people who read the book and report on changes they’ve made in their homes.
  • Follow the book, room by room, making some of the changes suggested in The Healthy Home. Start a blog about your experiences.
While there are many other ways to promote The Healthy Home through social media, it’s important to remember to follow the guidelines set forth by USANA’s Policies & Procedures. So get creative, but stay compliant!

Contests, Clubs, and Meetings
Looking for something bigger? Want a fun, interactive way to introduce others to The Healthy Home? Try these suggestions on for size:
  • Host a Healthy Home Book Club. Rather than reading a different book each month, focus on The Healthy Home one chapter at a time. Emphasize a different chapter each month, and then talk about the changes you and your friends can make in that particular part of the house. By taking small, manageable steps, you’ll be better able to make the changes suggested by Dave and Dr. Wentz.
    In addition, this is a great way to slowly introduce USANA’s products to your friends. For example, as you focus on Chapter 3—“Sleepytime”—you can mention the fact that USANA has Pure Rest™, which is a natural melatonin supplement. A book club is the perfect gateway to sharing USANA’s incredible products with others without feeling pushy.
  • Healthy Home Meetings—Instead of Health & Freedom meetings, try hosting a Healthy Home meeting. Talk about information in the book, and have product on hand as well.
  • Host a Contest. Host a competition to see who can make the most changes in their homes after reading The Healthy Home. You can format it after USANA’s Host Your Own RESET Games model, including a kickoff meeting with incentives, products, and prizes. This is the perfect opportunity to get together with your friends and have fun while making life-altering changes to your home.
  • Sponsor a Local Book Tour—Team up with a local bookstore to host your own Healthy Home book tour. This is a particularly valuable tool for those of you who don’t live in cities where Dave and Dr. Wentz will be promoting their book. This doesn’t have to be a large event either—it can be as simple as an intimate gathering with a few friends over coffee in the back of a bookstore while discussing The Healthy Home.

Other Suggestions
Of course, there are plenty of other ways to promote The Healthy Home. And while the list is potentially endless, here are a few simple suggestions to help you make the most of this powerful new book:
  • Attend The Healthy Home Book Tour as it comes to a city near you. Bring friends and family members to this free and informative event. While this event should in no way serve as a substitute for attending USANA’s 2011 International Convention, it is still a great way to promote the book and give credibility to the authors.
  • Leave copies of The Healthy Home in high-traffic places like doctors’ offices, airplanes, or libraries.
  • Talk to people about Children’s Hunger Fund. Tell them that all author proceeds from The Healthy Home will be donated to CHF.
  • Check out the special Healthy Home edition of the USANA magazine, coming to homes mid-April. It’s full of information, prospecting tips, and product tie-ins to help you best utilize the book.
  • Join local health fairs in your community and sponsor a Healthy Home booth.
  • Give The Healthy Home to current prospects who have already heard the USANA message, but are still on the fence about joining. This book and the message of its authors could give them the additional push they need to get started.
  • Create a Healthy Home gift package, complete with safe cleaners, unscented detergent, USANA product, a copy of the book, and anything else you can think of. It’s a great house-warming gift for new neighbors.
  • Target influencers—individuals who interact with high volumes of people every day, like health specialists, fitness instructors, college professors, massage therapists, etc.
  • Read The Healthy Home in public. People will notice.
  • Leave a copy of The Healthy Home on your desk at work for your co-workers to see.
  • Talk about The Healthy Home. All the time!

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