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How Does Any Other Company Compare to USANA?

How Does Any Other Company Compare to USANA?

Hardly a day goes by without one company or another comparing themselves to USANA. It has happened for a very long time, and it will continue to happen for many years to come, so get used to it.

Some people say that “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”

That may be true, but we like a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson better: “Envy is ignorance, and imitation is suicide.”

With that in mind, we would recommend that you thoroughly read through the following article - Don’t Sell Your Health To The Lowest Bidder – by Dan Macuga.

Then, be sure to keep the following six key points in mind whenever you are asked how another company compares to USANA:

1. Take a look at the company and where the products are physically being manufactured

2. Research the company and how long they have been in business.

3. Look at the influencers and world class athletes that trust their health to the company’s products.

4. Research for third party endorsements of the products.

5. Look for Science and Research partners to ensure that the company is staying on top of recent news.

6. Finally, use your head!

Pete and Dora Zdanis

Don't Sell Your Health to the Lowest Bidder

- by Dan Macuga

In the last couple of years, stories of health-related risks and concerns have been a huge focus in the media. People are constantly talking about the health care industry, the economic impact of taking care of your health, and everyone seems to be looking for the next magic pill. It’s certainly a hot topic and one that will be spoken about for many years to come. We all know that the secret to a long healthy life is to eat well, exercise, and take the proper supplements. The combination of these three things will help your body and your cells be healthier and you will surely be happier as you feel better. It’s a pretty well defined plan for health, but the reality is nothing comes easy!

One of the biggest challenges for people is to eat right! Our society is plagued with such a rapid pace of life that we all too often reach for the simple fast foods that we think give our bodies what we need to function properly, when for the most part all they do is address a hunger craving and give us all a guilty conscience to deal with the rest of the day. Eating right, finding fresh vegetables and fruit, sitting down at a dinner table at home, etc. are all things we think about, but are they a priority? If you think about it for a second, it really comes down to a choice.

Are you willing to take maybe an extra 30 minutes out of your day to prepare a healthy meal, sit down and enjoy some face to face conversation with your family, and give your body more than just some preservatives and grease? We make a point to try and have at least one meal a day as a family at home. We all help prepare the meal, the kids have a blast being a part of it, then we all sit down and have fun laughing and talking about our day. It’s family time for sure, but the biggest thing for us is when it’s done, we all feel good!

Now, eating is only one part of the equation. What about the exercise? No, not the New Year’s Resolution that lasts a week or two….the commitment to get out and move. It’s not easy, and there are always a million excuses. The trick really is to start slow and work your way up. Even just taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator makes a huge difference. We have signs here at USANA that encourage taking the stairs and if we all thought this way every once in a while, it would get us heading down the right path to better health. Don’t try to take on the world all at once….take your time and enjoy getting your body moving. I always try to tell my wife to start slow so I can keep up with her, but she is so anxious to get out there! The nice thing is, we get to enjoy it all together. I think she may be trying to give me a heart attack but she really just likes getting out and staying active and it makes me want to join her as well.

So now you have two parts to the equation. Easy to address, if you’re willing to make a commitment. Now for the third part and one of the more important ones! Our bodies are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. It’s a fact! You may not think so, but the way we eat and the way we exercise both impact this reality.

Even if you work out constantly and eat well, you still have deficiencies! So the way to address this is to look into taking supplements to ensure your body gets what it needs and is running efficiently. This is where there are so many things to consider. You can walk into a huge retail store and see rows and rows of supplements! They range in price and potency, some look cool some not so much! People recommend them, commercials tell you to buy them, coupons encourage you to pick them, etc. etc. etc. In fact, just this morning I was reading an article on the fate of Dan Larpe, who defrauded people out of $52 million claiming he had the “Greatest Vitamin in the World.” There are some products out there that are questionable, but there are also solid companies that can keep people out of a situation like this!

So, what things should you consider before you take that next step in purchasing a supplement?

Well, here are some of my personal tips that can help ensure you’re trusting your health to a supplement company that is focused on bringing you the most effective and safe products to put in your body.

1. Take a look at the company and where the products are physically being manufactured. Does the company care enough to spend the money necessary to manufacture them in house? Do they use pharmaceutical grade manufacturing processes? This is where a company either has control over the entire process or it is trusting it to someone else who you don’t know. Companies that truly believe in pharmaceutical grade manufacturing have it in house and have complete control over the entire process. They can ensure that their customers will see no contamination, that the potency of each pill is guaranteed, and that the ingredients are mixed properly to ensure that each time you take a supplement you can be positive that what’s on the label is in the pill.

2. Research the company and how long they have been in business. Many supplement companies come into the market quickly as they know this is a hot topic in our world these days and they are trying to take advantage of the economic situation. Many are focused on making money and not making the best supplements in the industry. Look for companies that have been around for 10, 15 or 20 years…look at the home office and see how it’s grown! They have weathered many changes in the world, but they have also remained steadfast in their quest to provide world class products to their customers. These companies have also proven their mission to provide high quality products and their customers are a reflection of that dedication. Publicly traded companies also have to keep things wide open to the world as they have an obligation not only to their employees and customers, but also to investors on Wall Street!

3. Look at the influencers and world class athletes that trust their health to the company’s products. Professional and Olympic athletes only take products that they can, without question, trust their health to. They put their careers and their team’s careers at risk every time that they take a supplement. If they ever test positive, they can lose their position, their career, their awards and their livelihood. Athletes always do their homework and they often employ a trainer or nutritionist to do the same. They have to be sure that the products are safe for consumption, effective at delivering the supplementation the athletes need, and in rare cases provide a guarantee to the athlete to show the company’s dedication to their product.

4. Research for third party endorsements of the products. With over 1,500 supplement manufacturers on the market, people need a surefire way to determine what supplements are the best. There’s an easy way to check it out, but a hard way to prove it. Look for the company that’s willing to pay for the their products to be tested by a third party. Testing facilities like ConsumerLab.com, NSF International, HFL, etc. test products to ensure that they meet label claims and that they are not contaminated. It’s an easy thing to do, but many companies don’t do it because it’s expensive. It’s important to give you another level of confidence in the products you’re going to take. Companies with a long history of testing are “battle tested” and one’s that you can truly trust. Remember, anyone can pass a test once, but if they pass year after year, you know their manufacturing process is solid.

5. Look for Science and Research partners to ensure that the company is staying on top of recent news. Many companies formulate a product and then sit on it for years to come. The fact is that science is always changing and research is constantly focused on staying on top of trends and new ingredients. Look for a company that partners directly with institutes and science based organizations for the long haul. Many companies will cite research from other organizations, but are they just reading the papers like everyone else? You should look for a company with in-house scientists, long term research partners and grants, and companies that work closely with these organizations. Anyone can list a piece of research they might use for guidance, but are they truly working together?

6. Finally, use your head! After you look at all of these factors you have to ask yourself a question. Do I trust my health to this company? Companies come and go, some offer deep discounts, some offer things other than what you really want and what you want is science based supplements for your health. I can honestly say that USANA Health Sciences is one of these companies. We are coming up on our 20th anniversary and while the science and research suggest small changes in our products, one thing remains true: we are still passionately focused on providing the Highest Ranked Supplements in the World and we do so knowing that our in-house pharmaceutical grade manufacturing is one of the best in the world.

Why do I believe that…well I happen to be a part of a family here that clearly met the first 5 of these recommended filters, so the 6th was a gimmee! I chose this company by using my head. Partner with the best and your body and mind will be happy!

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