Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is it Possible to Actually Make Money With Usana?

Is it possible to Actually Make money With Usana?

Many of you are already wise to this come-on, but for those of you who aren’t…

The internet is becoming more and more populated with “well meaning” blog and business articles that start out something like this:

Usana Review, Is it possible to Actually Make money With Usana? - by Justin Beebeer

in Business (submitted 2011-06-08)

Read This Third Party Assessment of the USANA Business Option Just before You get Started out!

Is it possible to really generate profits with USANA selling nutritional, skin treatment, weight-loss, and individual products?

Over the past 3 many years of currently being actively involved in the mlm occupation, We have been approached and invited to check out out the Usana option numerous occasions. I'm actively involved with Network marketing and so meeting other network entrepreneurs and acquiring pitched on organization opportunities possibly transpires to me in excess of a lot of people, so to help you out, I wish to share with you I've discovered from my encounter, in this unbiased third party critique of the Usana business chance….

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah……

If you bother to read further, you will find generic facts about USANA which can be found anywhere, followed by a sales pitch about why you need to purchase this person’s “system” if you want to have any hope of making money in USANA, or network marketing in general.

I mean, really. Gimme a break. Think about it.

If you wanted to find out if you “could really make money in USANA” (or any other company, for that matter) would you really trust the word of someone who admittedly has never built a USANA business?

I think not.

So, the next time a prospect or team member sends you a link to one of these articles and asks you “What do you think about this?”, be sure to tell them EXACTLY what you think!

Pete Zdanis
USANA 1-Star Diamond
Chester Springs, PA

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