Friday, June 24, 2011

USANA - Stay Informed and Involved with our Political Action Center

Stay Informed and Involved with our Political Action Center



USANA wants to help you get more involved in the political process, especially when it comes to issues that directly affect our industry and your livelihood. The new Political Action Center isn’t part of any campaign, it isn’t a political comment board, and it isn’t an ideological battleground. The Political Action Center is a resource, a place where you can find information about issues, candidates, elected officials, and legislation that could impact our industry and your USANA business.

This new resource provides the means you need to make a difference in the political process on a local, state, and federal level. The Political Action Center puts a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, and provides an easier avenue for political change. You’ll find contact information for the elected officials whose decisions shape the course of your world, facts about government agencies that oversee our industry, and information about how our government works.

The aim of the USANA Political Action Center isn’t to turn you into a political junkie or a 24-hour newshound. Far from it. This project springs from the belief that an informed citizenry has the power to make positive changes in the political world that will spill over into the lives of average people.

USANA’s mission is to spread true health and true wealth to those who need it most. The new Political Action Center is another tool to help you achieve that goal. Start making a positive, political change, today.

To stay informed and involved, go to USANA’s Political Action Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does USANA want to get involved in politics?

A. USANA doesn’t want to get involved in politics. The mission of the Political Action Center is to provide Associates with the means and the information to affect positive political change on issues directly impacting network marketing, nutritional supplements, and USANA. This is a resource that simply puts news, issues, contact information, and more at the user’s fingertips.

Q. Is USANA going to tell me who to vote for, or what political party to affiliate with?

A. No. USANA will never tell you who to vote for or what political party to affiliate with. This new tool only provides Associates with the resources to make an informed decision and the ability to get involved in the political process in a more meaningful way.

Q. Why should I be active in the political process? Will my voice really matter?

A. It’s your right and your privilege, as an American, to participate in the political process. But more than that, your participation can make a difference. In the U.S., you have the chance to elect representatives that make policy at several levels. That process means your voice and your vote play a huge role in shaping the decisions made by politicians.

Q. How can I be most effective in supporting the network marketing industry, nutritional supplement industry, and USANA, in the political process?

A. You can be most effective by being informed about the issues surrounding these industries and taking that information into account when you go to a town hall meeting, correspond with elected officials, or cast your ballot.

Q. How will I know if there is an issue or campaign in which I need to be involved?

A. The Political Action Center will have that information. But once your awareness of an issue has been raised, you can follow regular news sources to keep abreast of developments and campaigns that could affect you.

Q. Are there plans to expand this site beyond the U.S.-specific policies and government organizations?

A. This site is intended for U.S. citizens only, but USANA hopes to expand its political action efforts to more markets in the future.

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