Saturday, November 5, 2011

Prospects vs. Associates vs. Business Builders

Prospects vs. Associates vs. Business Builders

- by Pete and Dora Zdanis

We often talk about those traits and characteristics which separate successful business builders from those who have yet to realize a breakthrough in their network marketing business.

Some of those traits and characteristics include things such as motivation, communication, listening, attention to detail, perseverance, valuing others, solving problems, etc.

One more item we would add to the list is how we treat new team members after they have signed up in our organizations.

For example, think about how you interact with a prospect as you go through the prospecting process with them.

Your focus is (or at least should be) on what is important to them. You follow up with them. You answer their questions. You basically “hold their hand” all through the process.

Unfortunately, as soon as the prospect signs up, something changes in all too many cases – The sponsor stops thinking of them as a prospect, and treats them as just another associate.

We would suggest that, until your new associate demonstrates or develops the skills and confidence necessary to become a successful business builder, they are simply a prospect with an ID number.

In other words, you should continue to treat your new associates just as you would any prospect until they have demonstrated that they have developed the skills necessary to move forward on their own, or have told you that they do not want or need your support.

If you duplicate this approach and process throughout your team, we can assure you that you will see a dramatic increase in retention, and growth.

Pete and Dora

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