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USANA Preferred Customer Status Coming to Six More EU Markets

USANA Preferred Customer Status Coming to Six More EU Markets

USANA’s reach in Europe will soon be growing. Starting in the second quarter of 2012, six additional European Union countries will be able to enjoy the benefits of USANA’s high-quality nutritional supplements, with more European markets to follow.

Preferred Customer status will soon be available to the residents of Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, and Ireland. This move will follow on the heels of USANA opening in France and Belgium, which will make it possible to begin selling products in other European Union countries as well. Once these six additional markets are opened, residents will be able to enroll as USANA Preferred Customers and order products for personal use only.

Depending on the success of these countries as PC-only markets, there may be an opportunity to open them to USANA businesses completely, allowing residents to become full-fledged USANA Associates. But not yet. And while PC-only markets are a great opportunity to expand your customer base, the decision to open a new market on the continent will especially depend on the success of France and Belgium.

With the addition of these six countries, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the ever-growing USANA family. And this provides even more opportunities to spread true health—through USANA’s award-winning products—around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will these six countries be open for business?
A: Sometime in the second quarter of 2012, residents of Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, and Ireland will be able to enroll as USANA Preferred Customers only.

Q: Will I be able to sign up Associates in these new markets?
A: Not at this time. Residents of the new countries may only enroll as Preferred Customers. There is a possibility of fully opening new European markets in the future, but not at this time.

Q. What promotional activities can I do in these new markets?
A. None. While you may sell products to friends and acquaintances who are residents in these new countries for their personal use, you may not under any circumstances engage in advertising, opportunity meetings, unauthorized sponsoring, or make prohibited health claims. Such activities could damage USANA’s relationship with local governments and hinder our chances of fully opening new markets in those countries.

Q: Will there be a USANA office in any of these countries?
A: No. For now, the USANA France office in Paris will act as the headquarters for all European markets that have opened with Preferred-Customer-only status.

Q: How will customers in the new countries place orders?
A: Preferred Customers will have two options to order product:

  • Through the USANA France office by visiting will-call in person, or calling the USANA France call center and communicating in French or English.
  • Order using the online shopping cart, which will be available in English only.
Q: When will Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, and Ireland open as full-fledged USANA markets?
A: The decision to fully open new markets is largely dependent upon the success of France and Belgium.

Q: Will more European markets be opening soon?
A: Over the course of the next few years, USANA will be moving regularly into additional European countries to allow residents to enroll as Preferred Customers.

Q: How were we able to open these markets so quickly after Belgium and France?

A: Since Belgium is a member of the European Union (EU)—an economic and political union of 27 sovereign European member countries—registering our products in Belgium allows USANA the ability to quickly move product into other EU countries because of existing EU rules.

Q: Which products will be available in the new countries?
A: We are currently working on determining which USANA products will be available in France and Belgium. Those products will then be available for personal use to Preferred Customers in any PC-only European markets.

Q: Where do I get information about building my business in new markets?
A: Go to the “New Market Information” box on the USANAtoday home page.

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