Thursday, October 17, 2013

How To Effectively Tell Your Story

by Michael S. Clouse

When you stop to think about it, every weekly business briefing—and every large event—needs to include powerful, effective testimonials (or what I call stories), somewhere during the presentation, for the benefit of both distributors and new guests alike.

So how can you ensure that you're ready to contribute with your powerful and effective stories? 

Consider putting into practice the following four-point plan:

Every distributor needs to create his or her own story (testimonial) regarding the product or service, and the money.

Write it down. Your story should include: your name, where you live, your background or occupation, followed by your product, or money story.

Practice, drill, and rehearse the words you've written until you can cover every point in 30 – 45 seconds.

When it comes to your money story, I would suggest converting your money story into your lifestyle story... After all, why would someone who is already earning $10,000 per month want to join your business? 

Because of the lifestyle!

Not fighting the traffic is lifestyle.

Being home with your kids is lifestyle.

Doing work that brings you satisfaction is lifestyle.

Waking up after you're finished sleeping is lifestyle.

Instead of earning $500 in your home-based business, ask yourself "What am I doing with the $500?" And if your answer is that you are buying back some of your life—for example, the ability to retire at 55 instead of retiring at 65—that's lifestyle!

What sounds more impressive? "I earn $700 per month in my home-based business..." or "With the extra money our business provides, we were able to take another two-week dream vacation in the middle of February to Aruba!"

Take the time to prepare both your product and lifestyle stories. Write them down and practice both until you know them—like you know your own name. Then make sure you inform your local leadership team that you've got two powerful and effective stories, and you're ready to let the world know....

Creating Your Story

Keep your story to 30 – 45 seconds!

Your goal is to relate, relate, relate, to as many people as possible.

Include: your name, your location, your background, how you were introduced to the business, or why you decided to become a distributor, and what your business has done (or is doing) for you... Remember relate, relate, relate!

Example: "My name is Michael Clouse... My wife and I have two grown children and live in Seattle. Prior to becoming a distributor with the XYZ Company, I had gone from an Account Executive position with AT&T, to Editor-in-Chief of a business magazine, to a small business owner... And then this home-based business just kind of fell in my lap. Well, I took a look, liked what I saw, got involved, and using the system they taught me, went to work on a very part-time basis... Today, just a few short years later, I earn over $100,000 a year, my wife and I just spent three-weeks in Italy, and I'm still only working part-time! I guess you could say that getting involved with this business continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made." A total of 38 seconds!

This story relates to: Seattle, married, children, family, white collar worker, sales person, technology, journalism, small business owner, there is a system you can follow, part-time, six-figure income, travel, vacations, this was the right decision, time freedom.

Because if you would just take a few minutes and complete this simple and yet extremely vital aspect of your business, and then teach this to all those on your team, you will keep more distributors excited about the possibilities, and sponsor more guests too....

All the best,


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