Saturday, March 15, 2014

Help Your New Team Members Save Big with Auto Order

Award-winning products, a science-based foundation, a chance to run your own business—there are so many amazing things to discuss when introducing a new team member to USANA. But while you’re explaining all the benefits, don’t forget to mention our Initial Order Reward.

It’s just one of the ways we’re helping you save money so you can love life and live it. But in order to fully utilize this amazing reward, you have to let new team members know about it before their first order.

Here’s how it works—when a new Associate or Preferred Customer makes their initial order and then signs up for Auto Order, they qualify for our Initial Order Reward, saving them an extra 10 percent. That discount will be split in half and credited to their first two Auto Orders, as seen in the example below:

Initial order = $600
  • Initial Order Reward: $60 (10 percent of initial order)
First Auto Order = $120
  • 10 percent Auto Order savings ($12)
  • Half of the Initial Order Reward ($30)
  • Total cost: $78
Second Auto Order = $120
  • 10 percent Auto Order savings ($12)
  • Half of the Initial Order Reward ($30)
  • Total cost: $78
Subsequent Auto Orders (containing the same products) = $120
  • 10 percent Auto Order savings ($12)
  • Total cost: $108
Remember, the larger the initial order, the bigger the savings. And just like the Auto Order discount, the Initial Order Reward only applies to products that generate Sales Volume Points. Discounted packs—including enrollment and promotional packs—are not eligible for Initial Order Reward.

And now it’s easier than ever to make sure your team’s orders qualify for this incredible savings, thanks to the all-new Initial Order Reward report sheet. Located under the “Free Services” section of the “Income Maximizer™” on USANAtoday, this report shows you whether new team members or Preferred Customers qualify for the reward, and how long they qualify for these extra savings. 

Help your new team members take advantage of our Initial Order Reward, and give them a small taste of all the amazing rewards in store with USANA. Then, follow up on their Auto Orders and watch their new businesses take flight.

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