Monday, March 17, 2014

The Purpose of Commitment

by Michael S. Clouse

At some point in the past we've all done it... And if we're not careful, at some point in the future we might do it again... We've given our word, "I'll be there." We've made a promise, "You can count on me." We've committed to doing something—making 10 calls, bring two guests, or achieving that next promotion—and yet we didn't follow through.

And we (or at least I) always had a good explanation... "The time just got away from me." "No one wanted to come." "It was harder than I thought." But somewhere deep down inside we had to wonder if those reasons really were our reality. True, we didn't make the calls, bring those guests, or achieve the promotion when we told ourselves we would. But why did we commit to something and then not complete the pre-agreed upon task, assignment, or goal?

Was our failure to succeed really due to a lack of time, some unlearned skill, or a much deeper self-esteem issue? Well, we could probably get a great conversation going as to why so many people have such a difficult time keeping their commitments. However, I would prefer to offer a simpler solution—a step-by-step approach that will, in effect, allow you to set, keep, and ultimately achieve any worthwhile goal you desire...

Now just to make sure we're all on the same page, allow me to share with you the definition of commitment I learned back in 1995—nineteen words that still echo inside my head to this day: "Commitment is doing the thing you said you'd do, long after the feeling you said it in has passed." Now that's what keeping your word is all about!

So if "committing to...and then following through" is what you'd like to do more often, the following five step plan will help you set your goals and keep your promises, thereby allowing you to ultimately achieve what's truly important to you...

1) Decide What You Want

Achievers realize some people join the business because they want to drive a "free" car; some because they want to earn more money; and some because they want the extra time needed to enjoy a more rewarding life. What about you? To stay the course you'll need to be moving towards something you actually want! Part of the journey is discovering what that is...

2) Know Your "Why?"

True, deciding what you want is your first step, and yet it's only part of the solution! Therefore, if you really want to set, keep, and ultimately achieve every worthwhile goal, you'll need to become clear on "Why?" you want what you want. The best part is you'll know when you've found your "Why" because from that moment on you will do whatever it takes...

3) Follow A Proven Plan

You either have a proven plan (MLM system or daily method of operation) you follow, or you don't. If you do, continue moving forward. If you don't, find someone who has already achieved what you want. Find out what they did. Do that. And then continue until you achieve the same result they've already proven was possible. Because it's easier to keep going when you get results—and it's easier to get results when you follow a proven plan...

4) Commit Yourself Publicly

After you've decided what you want, discovered why that is important to you, and are diligently following a proven plan to achieve it, you're ready for step four: public commitment! Decide in writing that you will be here, still actively involved, a year from now... On 3" x 5" cards write out what you want (your goal), followed by a sentence or two explaining your desire to have this (your "Why?”), and then include the steps you're taking (your proven plan) to accomplish it... Give these hand-written cards to 10 people you know, like, and trust, and would not want to disappoint. Believe me, you'll follow through...

5) Get Better Every Day

Leaders know that wherever you are, and wherever you're going, your journey will be easier if you incorporate a daily personal development program. So what should yours include? Books, CDs, and classes. Because when you get better "it" gets easier...

Use this information to guide you—all five steps—and you will be well on your way to achieving all your dreams. Now that's the purpose of commitment!

All the best,


  1. "Commitment is doing the thing you said you'd do, long after the feeling you said it in has passed." I really, really like that! And, I think the "proven plan" is the way to keep you on track after the passion feeling has passed. Good article.

  2. A very good read! All true & is on point to the steps which I take everyday