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35 Reasons Why Network Marketing Could Be Your Best Option

by Pamela Bartley

If you have been in network marketing for any period of time, then you are familiar with Eric Worre, and the 35 Reasons Why Network Marketing Could Be Your Best Option always says, “Network Marketing Professionals, Have A Better Way”. This to me is so true, but I understand, that not everyone can see it or understand it. I am going to give you 35 Reasons Why Network Marketing Could Be Your Best Option, although I could give you even more.

If you are new to network marketing or are considering network marketing, in today’s economy it will be the best decision you could make.  To be really successful in network marketing it is very important to understand why you should even bother. I decided that to help you with either your belief or with what prospects say, you will have some great information to share.

35 Reasons Why Network Marketing Could Be Your Best Option

#1. Low cost of Entry: In most network marketing companies you can start for less than $1,000. If you consider starting a traditional business, generally speaking, you are looking at $50, 000 minimum investment, just to open the doors. If you are considering a franchise type business, the investment is far greater, well over $100k, and most of the owners do not even start to see a profit for over 5 years. My question would be which would you rather invest, less than $1,000 or $50,000 or more?

#2. No Website To Develop/Design/or Maintain: This is huge. If you have ever hired anyone to create a website for you and optimize it, then you know it cost well over $1,000, plus you can spend hours keeping it updated. All of this is done for you in most network marketing companies.

#3. Work From Anywhere: To me this is priceless. I can work from my laptop, anywhere in the world where I have an internet connection. Plus I do not have the overhead of a brick and mortar business. If anything changes in my life where I move to another state, city, etc. my business is portable, because I can work it from anywhere.

#4. No Employees: This in itself should make you take a serious look at network marketing. You do not have the payroll worries, the tax worries, the workers compensation worries. If you have ever had a traditional business you will understand that all the cost associated with employees is a lot more than just the wage or salary that employee is paid.

#5. No Billing/Account Receivables: You do not have to worry about billing any of your customers, or collecting any money, that is all handled online, and the products are drop shipped for you with most companies. If you have ever had a traditional business, then you will definitely understand how big this can be. In addition, traditional business sometimes must wait 90 days to collect their money.

#6. Your Own Schedule: To me this is big. If I have a doctor’s appointment, I do not have to ask for time off. Now to be very fair here, when you can set your own schedule, it is also easy to not work your business in network marketing. You must become discipline if you want to grow the business. In a traditional business the same holds true as well, however, you have a far greater investment at risk.

#7. Tax Benefits From A Homebased Business: With a home-based business you will receive some of the same tax breaks that the rich are already taking advantage of.  You can have access to over 250 tax incentives that rich people know about and take advantage of! The tax benefits alone are generally greater than the cost to get started. I did a blog post a few months ago on just 6 of the tax benefits, which you can Check Out Here.

#8. There is No Discrimination Between Men/Women/Age/Race: Everyone who enters network marketing has the same opportunity as the next person to succeed.

#9. No Corporate Ladder: In corporate America there are only so many open positions at the top. That means some win, others do not. In network marketing, you control how far you take your business. If you want it to go to the top, no one will tell you that you can’t. In corporate America, that is not the case, because not everyone can go to the top.

#10. No Commute: Imagine the time you save from commuting back and forth to your business, or job. One thing we can never get back is time. Time is something we all need to guard and make the most of. I personally do not consider sitting in rush hour traffic a good use of my time.

#11. No Inventory: Most network marketing companies no longer require you to stock inventory, as it is drop shipped to your customers. In a traditional business, not only do you have money invested in the inventory, but you also must or pay someone to keep track of your inventory.

#12. Security: Every day we hear of companies laying employees off. In America, and this economy there is no such thing as job security. Today, a shrinking job market, and technological advances leading to fewer and fewer people needed to do the same job, security no longer exists.   What’s more secure…having one income stream with a job where you could be outsourced or downsized in an instant, or additional income coming from a network marketing business?  Today, jobs are the risky option.  When you have your own network marketing business you have the stability of your network. Yes, even in network marketing, there are companies that come and go, those companies, however, cannot take your network. That is your security in this business.

#13. No One Can Tell You What You Are Worth: Your worth is not determined by anyone else, or anyone else’s needs. You determine your own worth by building your business.

#14. You Are Your Only Limit: This can be a two- sided sword for some, but the bottom line is you determine the amount of success or failure you have in network marketing. It is like anything else in life. You get out of it what you are willing to put into it. If you show up and work your business consistently, grow yourself, success will happen. So the only limit is the one you put on your business.

#15. No Income Ceiling: Wow how often do you see that? The truth is if you devote 3 to 5 years at truly growing your business, it will continue to grow, even as you put less time into it. I would never tell anyone to stop growing your business, but there are many who have basically retired, and continue to get paid month after month, from the efforts they put in at the beginning. Not too many business models can say that.

#16. Residual Income: Some people understand this amazing benefit, but many more do not understand the power of it. Insurance agents definitely can appreciate the power of residual income. Most people only get paid when they are on the clock, or the business is open, or clients are being billed, or products produced. Network marketing allows you to get paid a residual income, even when you are not working, plus it can grow from month to month.

#17. You Receive The Help, Encouragement, and Support From Others In The Profession: This is a great benefit in my opinion. Everyone is willing to help each other. In corporate America, that is not generally the case. Everyone is out for themselves, clawing their way to the top. If they help you very much, it could be to their disadvantage.

#18. Training Already In Place And Readily Available: Because Network Marketing is a system which has many independent distributors, the companies typically have trainings available at your fingertips. In traditional businesses, you experience trial and error. Network Marketing offers a training system that is designed for easy duplication and easy to teach.

#19. Your Own Personal Growth: This is big in my personal opinion and is synonymous with network marketing. The personal growth you must experience along with the growth of your business is essential. You become a better person, which improves so many other areas of your life.

#20. You Build Social Skills: You may or may not have ever considered this, but to me personally, this is one of the things I love about network marketing. You must grow, especially if you want a large income. You must grow to become the person that helps others, encourages others, and helps others to also get what they want out of life.

#20. Network Marketing Allows You To Help Others On A Massive Scale: The ripple effect that your business can have on others can be larger than you could ever imagine. Your personal impact can touch more people than you will ever even know about. To people who love to help others this is a huge benefit.

#21. Scalability: This is something that in any other business is not possible without growing their infrastructure. In network Marketing, you can grow your income as well as your customer base without having to grow your infrastructure.

#22. International Possibilities: Most network marketing companies are now doing business on the international level. This will allow you to build teams all over the world. Imagine the value of this. Even when you are sleeping, your team in other countries are working. Plus as your teams grow, you can travel internationally to those locations and write your entire trip off as a business expense. To me that is a win-win.

#23. Leverage Time And Network: With the network marketing business model you are able to leverage your time by leveraging your network. I once heard would you rather have the efforts of one person, or forty people’s efforts when it comes to making money. Personally, I know the efforts of forty people puts the odds more in my favor for making a good income. Now that is just an example, of course, the more people on your team the larger your income.

#24. Quickly Profitable: If a person just works their business part time in network marketing, it does not take them very long to become profitable. Unlike traditional businesses, which generally speaking takes three to five years before they even think about seeing a profit.

#25. Ability To Build Your Fortune Not Someone Else’s: If you are working for someone else, which most people who come into network marketing are doing, then you are actually building someone else’s fortune for them. You are exchanging your time for money, and growing their assets. You are earning a living and the owner is building a fortune. Odds are you are making 10X less money, but also paying twice as much in tax. In network marketing, you will build your wealth, and gain tremendous tax benefits as well.

#26. Ability To Build Your Business By Using The Internet: The internet is changing the world as we use to know it. In this day and age you can grow your business online, and have a far greater reach and audience for your business. With a traditional business, yes this can be done, depending on the type of business, but the cost for a traditional business can be far greater than what you will experience because you are reaching out to people one at a time.

#27. Taking Advantage Of The Population Boom: In case you did not really give it much thought, the population is currently expanding exponentially. Take a look at the World Population Clock and you will see that the population is going off the chart. This explosion can cause problems for some businesses. but is great for people businesses like network marketing.

#28. Ability To Involve Your Kids: Since you can work your business from home you can involve your kids, and teach them a strong work ethic and social skills. You can work around your schedule, the kids can be around and also see what you do, how you do it, learn how to be entrepreneurs, as well you can also involve them in your business and have them do projects you choose for involving them in your business.

#29. Ability To Retire With Security: Unfortunately many people are retiring today and dependent solely on social security. Living month to month, and if they do have some savings, which most do not, they are one major incident away from that savings being wiped out. With the ability to build residual income in network marketing, then income keeps coming, and can even continue to grow, month to month. Allows people to retire with more security and income.

#30. Ability To Create Your Own Security: In today’s economy, there is no longer such a thing as job security. Companies are downsizing, and outsourcing on a daily basis. By building a network marketing business you can create another stream of income. Which offers you more security? One income stream from your job, that could be outsourced, or down sized at your employers discretion, or multiple streams of income, from a network marketing business that you are able to start on a part-time basis with a low startup cost. In today’s economy, by only having your Job, that  is the risky option.

#31. Ability To Retire Younger: In your typical work life, people build other people’s dreams for 40 to 50 years to retire on 40% of the income they are accustom to, and had a hard time living on. With network marketing, you have the ability to build your business in 3 to 5 years, and retire while your income continues to grow. Now I am not saying to just quit and do nothing, although there are ones who have done just that, to me the better option is to continue to share, but you can slow down and enjoy the hard work you put in for 3 to 5 years and see it continue to grow.

#32. Paid For Vacations And Paid While You Are Vacationing: To me, this is a real win. Most companies have incentives that offer you completely paid for vacations. It is great to have paid vacation, and yes most companies do offer that, but network marketing even has incentives to pay for that vacation and your business pays you while you play. I will be happy to take that Italy vacation thank you.

#33. Ability To Work In A Stress Free Environment: With the increasing population and more and more jobs being outsourced, there are less jobs available. Employers can pay less and require more, and that is happening every day, people are now working in a FEAR based environment. With network marketing you are working from the comforts of your home, and the fear and stress are far less. You are creating your own dream, not someone else’s.

#34. Friendships: We have all built friendships at our Jobs, but the friendships I have built in network marketing are far different. The friendships you develop from your network marketing business are different. These friends all have a lot in common, with their goals, mindset, objectives, encouragement, and beliefs. I have made some of the most amazing friends unlike any I had ever had before network marketing, and they are lasting friendships.

#35. Recognition And Appreciation: In network marketing companies recognize you for your hard work and achievements. When you join a network marketing company you become a part of a strong community that want YOU to succeed and are willing to help you and show you how, because your success benefits everyone. How often do you really find that in your job. My experience has been rarely.

I understand that network marketing is not for everyone, but to me it is a better way. If you are considering network marketing, or if you are already a part of network marketing I hope this helps you to appreciate what a great opportunity you are a part of. It is like anything else in life, but it pays so much more. The friendships, personal growth, helping other people, are all priceless. 

I have given you 35 Reasons Why Network Marketing Could Be Your Best Option, there are many more, but I think you can determine from these if this profession is for you.

- Pamela Bartley

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