Monday, April 18, 2016

USANA Abundance or Scarcity?

by Pete Zdanis

Do you ever wonder why some people always seem to be struggling in building their USANA business (if they haven’t given up already) while others, seemingly effortlessly, continue to successfully build and grow their businesses?

What’s different for these people? What do they have that others don’t have? It can’t be the USANA products, the compensation plan, or the business building tools. Those are available to everyone. Do they have more time than we do? Nope. We all have the same 168 hours available to us every week. 

What is it that allows these people to have what others want, but can’t seem to get?

Let me suggest that the more successful people in USANA (and life in general), realize the success they have because they view their business, and life, from a perspective of abundance, while those who can’t seem to move forward in business, or life, tend to have a mindset of scarcity. 

Let me be clear that am not professing to be an expert on this subject. Many people with much more education and expertise than me have written thousands of books on this subject. 

However, I have done some reading and attended some seminars on the subject of personal development, and the topic of Abundance vs Scarcity always seems to jump out at me as one very powerful concept that anyone can realistically use to dramatically change their life. I have also done a lot of observing over the years, and I have seen what I believe to be clear and distinct differences in the behaviors and perceptions of those who are more successful in USANA compared to those who aren’t.

By now you are probably wondering exactly how to identify or define Abundance vs Scarcity and what you can do to have more abundance in your business and your life.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly what you, personally, need to do, nor am I qualified to do so. I will, however, share with you two lists which I have compiled of activities and perceptions which I believe exemplify Abundance and Scarcity, particularly as they relate to USANA business building.

I think it is highly unlikely that any one person would have all the characteristics or demonstrate all the behaviors of either category. And, some people will drift back and forth between Abundance and Scarcity from time to time. However, I strongly believe that “successful” people will align more closely with the “Abundance” list, while those who have yet to realize the success they would like to have are defined more so by the “Scarcity” list items.

I hope you will find this information to be helpful in identifying how you, and every person important to you, can move toward Abundance in all areas of your life.


. You approach every day as a new opportunity to share information about USANA with people you can help 
. You realize that not everyone you talk with will be interested in USANA, so you thank those people for their time, ask for referrals, and move on
. You are always motivated and excited by knowing that talking with just one person today could change the lives of thousands of other people for years to come
. You realize that you only need to sponsor 2 or 3 Associates per month to build an extremely successful USANA business and that there are tens of thousands of prospects for you to choose from 
. You view every unsuccessful prospect contact as a learning experience, and focus on how you can do better the next time
. Your business building intent is always on how USANA, and you, can help your prospect solve a problem or fill a need
. If something doesn’t work for you, you experiment creatively and try new things that will
. You are always staying up-to-date on the newest USANA business building tools, and give them out willingly, yet carefully, because you know that they are an investment in your business, and your future 
. You lead by example and are a role model for others to emulate
. You readily provide support and coaching to receptive, teachable USANA team members, viewing each opportunity to do so as a “win-win” situation
. You view other USANA Associates as team members rather than competitors
. You are always looking for ways to improve yourself as a way to grow your life, grow your business and to better serve others
. You encourage and value the success of USANA crossline Associates, knowing that their efforts are making USANA a stronger company and a more secure business for your team members and you.
. You readily tell prospects that they should work with the first person who contacted them about USANA, whenever possible 
. You love people and use money
. You know that the only person who can be responsible and accountable for your success is you.


. You are constantly stressing out about finding your next prospect
. You approach every prospect as though it is a “do or die” situation
. Your business building focus is always on how the next enrollment can benefit you and your business
. If you find a good lead source or business technique you keep it to yourself rather than tell others about it
. You prospect Preferred Customers who were sponsored by other Associates to become Associates in your organization
. You try to sponsor prospects when you know that they have already talked to another USANA Associate
. You are jealous or critical of upline, downline or crossline USANA Associates who have been more successful than you
. You have entered yourself as the sponsor of a new Associate who was actually prospected by one of your team members 
. You are always telling your USANA team members what to do instead of showing or demonstrating by example
. You view other USANA Associates as competitors rather than team members
. You are judgmental of those who have chosen to quit building their USANA business
. If a new idea or concept doesn’t work right away, you give up on it immediately
. You are hesitant to start a conversation with a potential prospect, because you can’t imagine why they would be interested in anything you have to say 
. You pose as a prospect and respond to ads or USANA web hosting sites of other USANA Associates
. You love money and use people for your own personal benefit
. You are reluctant to buy or give out USANA business building tools because they are “too expensive”
. You easily become disappointed or distracted by rejection, and frequently stop or slow down your business building whenever you experience it
. You secretly sabotage the efforts of others for your own personal satisfaction or gain
. You are critical of other network marketing companies and their Associates
. You blame other people or things (upline, downline, USANA, competition, etc.) for your lack of progress in your USANA business

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  1. Awesome, Pete. This is a "must share" which I will do now. You hit the nail on the head.

  2. Great perspective for those paying attention....It's Going Up On Eagles Nest!