Friday, April 1, 2016

Network Marketing is for People Who Want More!

Move On

by MJ Durkin 

I was recently speaking at a "Leaders Retreat" in Arizona and one of the leaders asked me at lunch, "MJ what do you do with people who just don't understand that they NEED to have a 'Plan B?' I get so frustrated  with people that just don't see what I see. How can I convince them?"

Well, some people just don't think they need a plan 'B.' There are some people who are not good prospects.

There are basically two types of people...

1. People who can meet their expenses and are satisfied...

2. People who meet their expenses and want more....

If you can understand what I'm about to tell you next, it will help you tremendously when you are prospecting for your new Network-Marketing business...

Network-Marketing is for PEOPLE WHO WANT MORE...

Yes, this is true. This industry is for people that want more out of life. They want more money, more joy, more freedom, more security, more friends, more excitement and more adventure.


Now, they may be good prospects to purchase your product or service but it's of great value for you to understand what "qualifies" a person to see a presentation of your business opportunity.

Here's some verbiage you can use when talking to a prospect. I would use this language after you have presented how your product or service works and you have made a recommendation that they purchase. 

After that happens, you can say:

"You know Mr./Ms. Prospect I found there are basically two types of people.  The first person realizes that they have a certain amount of living expenses and they go and find a job that will meet those expenses. That type of person is satisfied when they are meeting their expenses...they are all set. They don't want more and as long as that money keeps coming in, they are comfortable and will stay where they are. By the way, there is nothing wrong with that. A lot of people are very happy and satisfied this way.

Now the second type of person does the same thing but once they meet their expenses they say to themselves, 'Well, this standard of living is good but I want more. I want a bigger house or one with a yard, or I like my vacation to Florida but I'd rather go to Hawaii for two weeks instead, or my car is great but I'd like it to be a luxury car or I'd like my savings account or my retirement account to be a lot bigger.' This type of  person wants more out of life.

Mr./Ms. Prospect, can I ask you a question?  Which one are you?" 

If they do NOT say they are the second type of person then I wouldn't be too interested in presenting a business opportunity to them, would you?  

If they say they are happy and are the first type of person, I would make them a great customer. Keep servicing them and continually ask them for referrals. 

But people who DON'T want more aren't good prospects for your new Network-Marketing business. If they use your products or service they may eventually come around...

But I wouldn't waste a lot of time or energy on them...And I would move on to some new prospects! 

To your success,


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  1. You see most network marketers don’t realize that it’s not the company, or the comp plan, or the carpenter marketing tools they use… It’s not external things that will determine their network marketing success; it’s the correct application of the skills they develop. Most network marketers are like home builders that believe that the secret’s in buying the best tools, and having the perfect blueprint. After they realize that their house still isn’t built 3 months down the road they either quit or they run back to the hardware store believing that if they buy a new hammer or draw up a new blueprint they’ll finally achieve the success they’re looking for.