Saturday, March 4, 2017

USANA - New Packs, Simple Selling

You may have noticed that we’ve replaced our discounted enrollment packs with three new featured product packs. And thanks to these new packs, sharing USANA’s high-quality products has never been easier.

Each pack highlights one of our main product lines: USANA MySmart™, Sensé, and digestion/detox. All three make it easy to share our core products with a new customer or Associate without having to explain the entire USANA product line. Plus, when these packs are combined with a HealthPak™ or MyHealthPak™, you’ve easily created a well-rounded introduction to all our product offerings.

Look for business-building and customer-friendly shareables featuring these new packs on Communication Edge. Log on, select “Library,” and select “Products” from the Topic dropdown to get started. You can also type “packs” into the search bar. 

The following applies to all three featured product packs:
  • Included on the new pricelists, available on The Hub
  • Simplify the process of getting your new Associate or Preferred Customer signed up with what they need to become a product of the products
  • Eligible for Initial Order Reward
  • Available for Auto Order
  • Can be combined with standalone products or other packs to create custom 250-, 400-, or 500-point orders, allowing new Associates to receive free cycles of the Business Accelerator Suite and event passes

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