Friday, September 24, 2010

The Indirect Acquisition of BabyCare Expands the USANA Family

The Indirect Acquisition of BabyCare Expands the USANA Family

It’s time to welcome a new member of the USANA family. With the recent indirect acquisition of BabyCare Ltd., the USANA family has expanded. You might have already heard about this newest addition, but if you haven’t, consider this your formal introduction to BabyCare.

Founded in 1999 by Matthew J. Estes, BabyCare is a China-based, direct-selling nutritional company producing high-quality products focused on prenatal, infant and family nutrition. The company has expanded into 21 cities and 16 provinces, with 186 service centers and 300 employees. It is also one of only 25 direct-selling companies legally operating in China.

BabyCare is also a perfect fit in the USANA family. The two companies share the same passion for producing only the absolute best nutritional products possible. BabyCare’s exceptional manufacturing standards and facility mirror USANA’s commitment to quality manufacturing—with both companies adhering to pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This commitment to quality has earned 15 BabyCare products a stamp of approval from the State Food & Drug Administration (SFDA), the Chinese government’s highest level of product regulatory approval. In addition, BabyCare is the only supplement company in China using 100 percent natural ingredients for all of its products.

“The key was that USANA holds the same values and vision as BabyCare,” Estes, BabyCare’s president and CEO, told an excited crowd of USANA Associates during the 2010 USANA International Convention. “Now we are all going where we want to be.”

The acquisition also certainly puts USANA where it wants to be—China. With BabyCare’s direct-selling license and 11 years of in-country experience, USANA has gained entrance into a Chinese nutritional supplement industry that services the country of 1.3 billion people, and, according to industry estimates, will reach $15 billion by 2012.

In the short-term—during the next 18 to 24 months—BabyCare will continue to operate as a standalone business in China. This will allow USANA to gain familiarity and expertise in the Chinese direct-selling market. But the long-term plan is to grow the USANA brand throughout China. In fact, USANA is already working to license some of its products to BabyCare to enhance the company’s already impressive product line.

The arrival of new family members is a joyous occasion. Especially in this case, where the addition is a company that, not only shares the values and mission of USANA, but also provides an entrance into the Chinese market. So join us in welcoming BabyCare, the exciting new addition to the USANA family.

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