Wednesday, September 22, 2010

USANA's Enhanced Matching Bonus Program

USANA's Enhanced Matching Bonus Program

Learn How USANA’s Matching Bonus Program Can be Worth up to $62,400.00USD 
(And Potentially Much More) 

in Addition to Your Regular USANA Commission Earnings

It has been repeatedly documented that the lucrative USANA Cellular Binary Compensation Plan is among the best in network marketing since new business builders can start earning commissions quickly, while building their income to whatever level they choose over the long term.

In 2008, USANA introduced a major enhancement to its Compensation Plan – The Matching Bonus. The Matching Bonus Program was enhanced again in August, 2010, making it easier for more USANA Associates to participate. 

We will provide all of the details of the Matching Bonus program to you later in this document, but we will first walk through a simple example of how powerful this compensation plan feature is….

Platinum PaceSetter

The key to maximizing what you can earn from the Matching Bonus is becoming a Platinum PaceSetter and creating Platinum PaceSetters in your USANA business.

What is a Platinum PaceSetter?

A Platinum PaceSetter is simply a USANA Associate who has sponsored a minimum of four (4) new qualified USANA Associates within 56 days (eight weeks) of their enrollment date. The only qualifications that the four new Associates must meet are to generate a total of at least 1,600 SVP (Sales Volume Points) of PV (Personal Volume in total.

Matching Bonus Example

If you are a USANA Platinum PaceSetter, The USANA Matching Bonus Program will pay you 100% of the commissions earned by every new Platinum PaceSetter you create (sponsor), in addition to the commissions you earn through the USANA Compensation Plan, for the first 26 weeks of the new Platinum PaceSetter’s USANA career.

Let’s assume that each of the four new Associates you sponsored to become a Platinum PaceSetter go on to become Platinum PaceSetters themselves.

Let’s also assume that each of these four Platinum PaceSetters earns an average of $600.00 per week during their first 26 weeks in USANA. NOTE: Some may earn less than an average $600.00 per week, and others may earn much more during their first 26 weeks in USANA.**

In this example, the USANA Matching Bonus Program will pay you an additional $62,400.00, over and above your base USANA commissions, as follows:

. $15,600.00 for Associate “A” – (26 weeks times the average of $600.00 per week)

. $15,600.00 for Associate “B”

. $15,600.00 for Associate “C”

. $15,600.00 for Associate “D”

Total: $62,400.00

Some Important Points
. There is no limit to the number of Platinum PaceSetters you can earn Matching Bonus from over the course of your USANA career. The more Platinum PaceSetters you create, the more Matching Bonus you will earn.

. You do not have to be a Platinum PaceSetter to participate in the Matching Bonus Program
-    PaceSetters will earn a 50% Matching Bonus for every Platinum PaceSetter they create
-    Associates will earn a 25% Matching Bonus for every Platinum PaceSetter they create

**Income Disclaimer – US Dollars

$91,000 is the average yearly income for an established, full-time USANA Associate. $24,000 is the annual average of those who earned as little as one commission check each month. Total includes all earnings from the Compensation Plan, Leadership Bonus, Matching Bonus, contests, and incentives. Calculations based on earnings for fiscal year 2010. Figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of actual earnings, which result only from consistent, successful sales efforts. To date, USANA has more than 170 Associates who are lifetime Million Dollar Club members.

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