Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's Your Problem?

What’s Your Problem?

- by Pete Zdanis

Some common “objections” I often hear from prospects (and some Associates) are – “I’m not a sales person”, or, “I don’t want to sell anything.”

My response is: “Great! I don’t like to sell either. I simply solve people’s problems, and show them how they can also solve other people’s problems.”

I explain that most people don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy. I try to learn about the prospect – What it is they need, want or don’t want (to quote Tim Sales). I then share information on some aspects of the USANA products or business which may provide a solution to their problem, or problems.

If you have to “sell” or “convince” prospects (or Associates) to purchase products or build a USANA business, then, in my opinion, you’re doing something wrong.

I prefer to show people how USANA can solve a problem (health, finances, etc.) for them, and then let them “buy” the solution that is best for them.

How about you?

Are you in the “selling” business, or the “problem solving business”?

Which works best for you?

Please leave your comments below.

Pete and Dora Zdanis


  1. I loved this blog post entry. You couldn't have said it better!

  2. Definitely great blog. Thank you