Thursday, September 30, 2010

Learn the History of Sensé and its Unique Ingredients

Learn the History of Sensé and its Unique Ingredients

You already know that Sensé™ is unlike any other skin care line. But how much do you really know about its history? Learn how Sensé got its start ten years ago, and what makes it the most groundbreaking skin care line in the industry! The more you know, the easier it will be to use these incredible products to prospect and build your business.

The Sensé Story

As USANA Founder Dr. Myron Wentz became concerned about harsh chemical preservatives commonly used in personal care products, he wanted to find an alternative. Preserving the skin care formulations is necessary but using chemical additives to do so is not. Chemical preservatives can be unhealthy and often are a cause of skin irritations. After extensive research, his team of scientists developed a way to naturally preserve skin care products using liquid crystals that mimic the skin’s composition. These liquid crystals act as small packets carrying antioxidants, amino acids, and botanicals that keep the product fresh.

This industry breakthrough—called Self-Preserving Technology—received a U.S. patent. The Self-Preserving Technology combines products in a no-touch environment and uses only enclosed packaging to minimize contact with the formula. No added chemical preservatives ensure skin care products that are more gentle and healthy for your skin. Sensé is the first and only skin care line with this breakthrough!

Sensé’s Other Unique Ingredients

In addition to Self-Preserving Technology, Sensé leveraged USANA’s nutritional expertise to create two unique topical nutrition complexes for your skin. Proflavanol-T™ combines whole grape extract, green-tea extract, and vitamin E to combat damaging free radicals in the skin. Proteo-C™ includes vitamin C and the amino acids proline and glycine to help renew and moisturize the skin. Each Sensé product contains these topical nutrition complexes to ensure your skin is completely nourished. After all, healthy skin is beautiful skin. 

Sensé also contains two anti-aging technologies with DSR™ (Dermal Surface Renewal) Technology and Regenisomes™. DSR uses marine-source ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and bring balance to uneven skin tone. Regenisomes helps boost the skin’s response to environmental damage and mend the look of aging. Both of these exclusive technologies make Sensé the top choice for Anti Aging skin care.

Sensé is so renowned that it has won Utah’s Best of State three years in a row, from 2007 to 2009. With a reputation like that, it’s okay to boast that Sensé is the best! So if you haven’t already created your own personal Sensé success story, we encourage you to cleanse, tone, and replenish your way to building a beautiful business. Start today by visiting

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