Tuesday, November 16, 2010

At USANA, Quality is King

At USANA, Quality is King

There’s that old adage, “No news is good news.” And if you’ve been paying attention to reports in the media about nutritional supplements, you may get the feeling that all news is bad news. There have been a lot of questions raised about the quality of the products produced by the supplement industry as a whole.


Don’t worry. Here’s some news that’s definitely good news: When it comes to the quality of USANA’s products, you have nothing to fear.

The science-based nutritional products you love remain the highest quality possible. And there’s no compromising on that, because quality is the focus of every step of the manufacturing process at USANA. It starts with the purest of ingredients and the perfectly balanced formulas that are combined in a state-of-the-art, in-house manufacturing facility to produce the highest-rated nutritional supplements in the world—just take a look at our Gold Medal of Achievement and Editor’s Choice rating in the NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements™ if you need proof.

USANA assures its quality by following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) used for the pharmaceutical industry. This strict adherence is necessary to produce the kind of products USANA is proud to put its name on, and you can trust with the health of your family.

When your products are made to be the highest quality possible, you don’t need to make outlandish claims about what they can do. All the claims USANA makes about its products are based, like everything else we do, on solid science.

Don’t let it get you down when questions about quality in the supplement industry come up. In reality, it’s the perfect opportunity to talk to your prospects about all the reasons why, at USANA, Nutritionals You Can Trust is more than just a slogan. Make sure to mention:
  • The USANA Difference, which is evident in every step of the manufacturing process
  • Comparative Guide ratings
  • The Potency Guarantee that says what’s on the label is in the bottle
  • ConsumerLab.com approval and NSF certification
  • An unprecedented Athlete Guarantee, which means USANA is trusted by Olympic and professional athletes, alike
For more information about USANA’s dedication to producing the highest-quality products, read the High-Quality Manufacturing page on USANA.com, and download the new Quality flyer.

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