Monday, November 8, 2010

Free Starter Kits Promotion Ends November 12

Free Starter Kits Promotion Ends November 12

What’s the expression? “Nothing free can stay?” Well, it’s something like that. Whatever the exact wording may be, it’s true. And in the case of Free Starter Kits the promotion will only be staying around for one more week.

That’s only a few more days for your new Associates to take advantage of the offer of the year and receive a free BDS when they enroll. And they won’t just be receiving the training tool of all training tools at no cost—even the shipping is free!

The BDS is a proven tool to help you achieve more with USANA. And with the new, OMNI Award-winning BDS: eApprentice (a $299 value), your new Associates can learn everything they need to get started in just a few hours. For only one more week, it’s free! You’d better hurry, the Free Starter Kit promotion ends November 12.

Click here for complete rules about Free Starter Kits.

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