Monday, November 15, 2010

USANA - Try Blanc Balance and Fall in Love with Your Skin Again!

USANA - Try Blanc Balance and Fall in Love with Your Skin Again!

That’s right—coming soon (November 22, 2010) and for a limited time only, Sensé® Blanc Balance™, the product that rocked USANA’s 2010 Asia Pacific Convention, will be available in the United States and Canada! We have product in our warehouse that missed the boat. This means it’s going to be available to you while supplies last!

Blanc Balance is in high demand in our Asian Pacific markets and this is your chance to stock up on what everyone is talking about—the most innovative, effective skin lightening system available. Say goodbye to age spots, red splotches, and dark pores, and say hello to bright, luminous skin! This 360-degree approach to skin care will leave your complexion 100 percent clearer!* Blanc Balance Radiance Serum works in three intensive ways to perform these cellular actions:

Advanced “molecular shields” work to cover the cells’ light receptors. This cellular action is far more effective than other skin lightening systems because it stops the problems before they start.

Innovative ingredients help control melanin-producing enzymes resulting in clearer, brighter skin tone.


Specially formulated to lighten existing dark spots so skin becomes clearer, brighter, and more beautiful. This cellular action is done without the use of chemical bleaches like many other competitors.

Clinical testing revealed that the women who used Blanc Balance as directed for two months saw:

100% Clearer skin
93% Reduced size of age spots
97% Improved skin firmness
93% More even skin tone
97% Improved skin texture
97% Enhanced skin radiance

And as always, Blanc Balance Radiance Serum is created without the use of added chemical preservatives, so you can use it daily with complete peace of mind.

For a flawless, even complexion, use Sensé Blanc Balance Radiance Serum twice daily. 

*Based on a clinical study on 30 Asian and Caucasian women aged from 35 to 59

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