Friday, September 6, 2013

Two Weeks Notice

 -       by Pete Zdanis

“I’m going to be laid off in two weeks with no chance of being re-hired.”

Not all that long ago I got a phone call from one of our USANA team members. We’ll call them “Pat” for the sake of this discussion…

“Hi, Pete. I just received notice from my boss that I’m going to be laid off in two weeks with no chance of being re-hired. I need to do my USANA business full time. What do I do?”

A little background:

Pat has been in USANA for several years now. Pat has sponsored one or two Associates and a few PCs over the years and reached the level of Achiever. They’ve been on a 100 SVP Autoship most of the time, use some of the USANA products, and earn a $100US or $200US commission check once or twice a month.

“I was fired at 9:05am and escorted out of the building at 9:20am…”

Naturally, my heart went out to Pat, having gone through the same trauma myself a number of years ago when I was abruptly terminated from my job after 25 years with the same company.

My boss gave me the news at 9:05am Eastern Time on Monday, June 5th, 1995 in Malvern, Pennsylvania, and I was escorted out of the building at 9:20am Eastern Time, but, who’s keeping track?

In our case, we had just joined USANA the previous October, had recently become Silver Directors, and were a few months out from reaching Gold Director. But, it was a very scary time nonetheless.

Back to Pat…

It would have been very easy to be a Monday morning quarterback and tell Pat everything they should have been doing to build their USANA business over the past several years.

But, I didn’t. It would not have served any positive purpose. 

So, we started out where everyone needs to start – at the beginning: Our USANA Getting Started Checklist, USANA BDS, USANA BDS eApprentice, Goal Setting and Action Plans, etc.

The process takes some time if it is done right. And it must be done right if Pat, or anyone, wants to build a USANA business as quickly and efficiently as possible without getting sidetracked by the many obstacles we all face as we grow our businesses.

A Chinese Proverb says: “Don’t wait until you are thirsty to dig a well.”

Pat received a small severance settlement, has some savings, but still may have to try to find a job, any job, to hold them over until their USANA income gets to the level they need it to be at. It will be a stressful situation for a while, but hopefully not for long, if Pat stays focused on the goals and plans we have laid out together.

How about you? How about your team members?

What would happen if any of you were given “two weeks notice” today?

Has the groundwork of your USANA business been completed, goals set, plans made, and Single Daily Actions ( Goal Setting and Action Plans - )  identified and being acted upon?

Would you be in a position to comfortably deal with a job loss and transition to becoming a full-time USANA Associate?

Or, are you “waiting until later” to get started on building your business and potentially exposing yourself to being in “panic mode”, like Pat, in the event of an unexpected employment change?

Building a USANA business is not easy, but it is very simple….

No one has ever said that building a USANA business and advancing to Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and beyond is easy.

But, it is very simple.

Don’t think so?

Think about it…

. You know how to do it (Or can at least find out how) : Every single step – Approaching, Inviting, Presenting, Sponsoring, Training and Duplicating – has been laid out for you in the BDS, BDS eApprentice, and many other resources.

. You know it can be done: If you need proof, just look around. USANA Today, The Weekly Reports, The USANA bi-Monthly Magazines, The USANA “Celebrating Success” magazine, etc., are full of examples of thousands of people who have advanced to Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and beyond.

So, do you know why you haven’t done it?

“Advancing to the level of your choice in USANA is not a matter of luck…”

The answer is simple.

So far, you have chosen not to do it.

Show me someone who chooses to execute the basics of effective Approaching, Inviting, Presenting, Sponsoring, Training and Duplicating every week, week in and week out, and I will show you someone who will grow their USANA business to whatever level they choose.

·    Advancing to the level of your choice in USANA is not a matter of luck.

·    Advancing to the level of your choice in USANA is not a matter of knowing any secrets.

·    Advancing to the level of your choice in USANA is not a matter of having a sponsor who will build your business for you..

·    Advancing to the level of your choice in USANA is a matter of choice.

·     Your choice.

So, what do you choose?

If you are not thirsty today, you will be someday.

Is your well dug, or at least under construction?

What would happen if you received your “two weeks notice” next Monday at 9:05am?

The choice is yours.

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