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Using the USANA True Health Assessment to Build Your Business

By Pete Zdanis

The USANA Online True Health Assessment (THA) allows your prospects to enroll themselves online as a Preferred Customer or as an Associate with one or three Business Centers immediately after they complete the THA.

(See the FAQs at the bottom of this message for more details on how to access and use the THA on an iPad or on the web.)

While you can have your prospects complete the THA as part of your one-on-one presentation of USANA, another effective, and often more convenient, way to use the THA is to send a link to your prospects so they can easily complete the THA at their convenience.

When doing so, however, it is very important that the link you send to them will direct them to YOUR personal THA page. This will insure that all your prospect’s THA enrollments will be placed in your USANA organization.

Here’s how to do that:

If you have a USANA Web Hosting site, hover your mouse over the “True Health Assessment” tab at the top of the page. In the lower left corner of the screen you will see a pop up that will appear something like - – where “9999999” is your personal USANA ID Number.

Simply type that link (including your USANA ID Number) into an email message, or any other document, to send to your prospects. All they need to do is click on that link, and they will be taken directly to your personal USANA THA page.

NOTE: It is always a good idea for you to test the link yourself before sending it to prospects to make sure it is working correctly.

This process is often more convenient and certainly more secure than having to give your prospects your USANA Web Hosting Site address, or giving them your USANA log in information to access your USANA THA page through USANA Today.

One More Thing: If a prospect enrolls as a Preferred Customer or Associate after completing your THA, they will be placed in your organization based on the Default Enrollment Placement information you have set up under the “Manage Account” tab on your USANA Today page. So, make sure that you have the placement information set up the way you want it before you start sharing your THA link with your prospects.

Pete Zdanis

True Health Assessment and True Health Companion

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I access the True Health Assessment and True Health Companion?

A. There are links for the iPad version of the Assessment, as well as the web versions of both applications on the application landing page on USANAtoday.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. It’s free!

Q. Do I really need an iPad?

A. No. A web version of the True Health Assessment is available here or on your USANA-hosted webpage.

Q. Can anyone access these applications, even if they aren’t a USANA Associate?

A. True Health Companion currently is only available for USANA Associates and Preferred Customers using a USANA ID and password. Downloading the True Health Assessment iPad application also requires a USANA ID and password.

However, the web version of the True Health Assessment is available to everyone. Prospective customers will only be asked to enter their name and e-mail address.

Q. What happened to Health Assessment and Advisor?

A. True Health Assessment will replace it completely.

Q. How will the reports—top risks, lifestyle plan, and product recommendation—be sent?

A. Reports will be e-mailed to the user after they complete the Assessment.

Q. If my prospective customer takes the True Health Assessment, will I receive his or her reports?

A. If a prospect takes the Assessment through your iPad or through your USANA-hosted website, you will receive a copy of the recommended products report. However, to ensure the customer’s privacy, you will not receive the lifestyle plan or risk assessment reports.

Q. How do the product recommendations work?

A. It’s not magic, but it’s close. Our research and development team have packed 20 years of scientific knowledge into an algorithm that accurately determines—given the information the user inputs—the best products for each person who completes the Assessment.

Q. I was helping a customer take the Assessment on my iPad application and noticed it asked for an optional “Member ID” for the customer. What is that for? Do I need it?

A. The Member ID field is optional and would be appropriate to fill out if you’re helping a Preferred Customer or new Associate take the Assessment on your iPad. This entry will have even more relevance in the future, when the Assessment is updated with enrollment and Autoship options.

Q. Can I take the True Health Assessment multiple times?

A. Sure. You can take it as frequently as you want.  In fact, you should take it again if you have a major change happen in your life or lifestyle.

Q. Will I be able to update my Autoship with my new product recommendations?

A. You will be e-mailed a list of recommendations, and you can manually add those to your Autoship, as well.  We will soon be connecting the app directly to the online Autoship change form so you can change your Autoship directly from the app. 

Q: How do I build a meal in the True Health Companion?

A: There’s an extensive searchable database, which includes many USANA products. You can also input and save custom foods you can call up at any time. You can also search for recipes, and create a list of approved foods that will help you stay on your meal plan.

Q. How does the Companion’s nutritionals and prescription tracker work?
A. You tell the Companion what supplements or medicines you need to take and at what time, and the application will e-mail you reminders when it’s time to take your pills.

Q: How frequently will I need to update these applications?

A: We will be constantly working to make True Health Assessment and True Health Companion the best possible applications. That means there will be updates whenever we make improvements. Some minor changes will update automatically.

Larger updates to the iPad Assessment application will need to be done within the application. There is a section in your dashboard that shows the updates that are available. We will also send e-mails to let you know about major updates.

Q: What if I notice bugs or other issues with the Assessment?

A: Like any mobile app or website, the Assessment will have regular updates as we correct bugs and add new features. You can help us make those improvements happen by using the “Feedback” feature in the iPad app itself. You can access the Feedback button in versions 1.1. or later on the “Settings” page.  You must be logged into the app to see the Settings page.

Q: Will I need wireless Internet to run the iPad Assessment application?

A: You won’t need an Internet connection to take the True Health Assessment on iPad, but your results will not be sent to you until you are connected to the Internet.

Q: What are the system requirements?

A: The mobile app will work on any iPad. The web version will work on any internet-capable device.

Q: If I already downloaded the Assessment iPad application, how do I update it to the latest version?

A: You’ll need to delete the application and download it again to your iPad.

Press and hold the USANA THA application icon on your iPad until it starts to shake and a red “X” appears in the upper left corner.

• The iPad will ask you if you want to delete “USANA THA”.
• Select Delete.
• Repeat if the app does not disappear. (This step may have to be repeated a few times before the app actually deletes.)
• Once the app has been deleted, open your Safari browser. You must have an internet connection available to download the app again.
• Enter into the address bar on Safari
• Download the application again.
• The download process can take anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes depending on internet speed.

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