Thursday, March 18, 2010


Top Ten Actions of Successful USANA Associates
by Pete Zdanis (With Apologies to David Letterman)

10. Makes use of their upline for support with tag e-mails, three-way calls, meetings with prospects, etc.

9. Uses the many business building tools available from USANA, and shares professional information with prospects.

8. Makes courteous, scheduled follow-up calls with prospects, and understands that most prospects will not sign up as an Associate on the first, second, or even third contact.

7. Communicates regularly with their entire upline and downline to educate, motivate and celebrate their team members.

6. Makes use of the USANA’s online technologies keep informed, and to keep others informed of new information.

5. Attends the USANA International Convention, Celebrations and local meetings with other USANA Associates.

4. Pursues every opportunity for personal development and education about network marketing.

3. Is proud to be a USANA Associate, has a strong belief in network marketing and Dr. Wentz’s vision, and takes every appropriate opportunity to tell others about the USANA products and business.

2. Insures that they have a complete understanding of the entire USANA product line and compensation plan, so they can effectively share that knowledge with their prospects and team members.

1. Sets realistic, yet challenging, goals; learns to accept rejection as a constructive learning process; and never, never, never gives up.

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