Sunday, April 11, 2010

Advantages of 200 SVP vs 100 SVP Autoship

Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Three Business Centers Qualified With 200 SVP (Sales Volume Points) Autoship Order Every Four Weeks vs. 100 SVP of PV (Personal Volume) Every Four Weeks


. Benefit personally from the use of a greater number of USANA products (Essentials, Optimizers, Foods, Natural Toothpaste, Sensé Basics, Sensé Enhancers, and Sensé Splash) ***

. Be a better prospector, recruiter, sponsor and trainer because of your personal experience with ALL of the USANA products (Why should you expect your prospects, PCs or downline to use products that you are not willing to use?).

. Optimize USANA compensation plan by earning commissions on all three BCs

. Build your business stronger through leading by example

. Make a bigger contribution to Dr. Wentz’s vision

. Have more USANA product available for tax deductible samples and/or gifts and/or retail sales

, Buy products from your own business instead of someone else’s

. If you have enough USANA products, order Gift Certificates to make a tax deductible contribution to the Children’s Hunger Fund to maintain your qualification

. Allows those who think big to build a big business

. Avoid losing Group Sales Volume (GSV) under BC 002 and BC 003

. Lower shipping costs on one larger Autoship Order compared to multiple smaller orders for the same volume of product over time

. Avoid running out of, or having to re-order, products which are used most by you and your family

. One 200 SVP Autoship Order insures qualification for full rolling four week period, and avoids having to track when your next smaller order needs to be placed to maintain your PV qualification requirement

*** EXAMPLE: Any one person who values good nutrition, has a body with skin, hands, hair, eyes and teeth (including crowns, caps and fixed bridges), showers occasionally, washes their hair and likes a snack every now and then can produce 200 SVP with a HealthPak 100 or USANA Pack, one Sensé Hair & Body Pack, one Natural Toothpaste, one bottle of Visionex and one box of Peanut Butter Crunch Bars. This is affectionately known by many as the “Pete Pack”.


. 200 SVP of PV costs more than 100 SVP of PV

. Could end up with an overstock situation and/or expired product if you forget to use it, choose not to use it or order too much of one product instead of another.

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