Thursday, April 1, 2010

Six Ways to Create the Wealth You Want

Six Ways to Create the Wealth You Want

USANA's unmatched Binary Compensation Plan gives you several ways to earn generous commissions every week in direct proportion to your ability to sell USANA's products to your customers and build an organization of Independent Associates who do the same.

1. Retail Sales
Earn profits on the sale of USANA products when you collect the difference between wholesale and the retail price, which you set. Selling retail is one of the quickest ways to develop immediate income for your business while you start to build a long-term base of satisfied customers. You can sell however works best for you: by using our many sales aids, by sending customers to your personal Web site, or by meeting customers in-person—either one-on-one or in a party setting.

2. Weekly Commissions
Earn up to 20 percent in commissions on the weekly Group Sales Volume (whole increments) accumulated in your organization of Associates and Preferred Customers who, like you, generate volume through product sales. Unlike other compensation plans, any extra volume (up to 5,000 points on each side) is carried forward to the following week. Because USANA products are consumable, you will have a regular stream of income coming in as people re-order. Use the Autoship program to make earning money as easy as possible—USANA does all the work (taking orders, money, shipping, etc.) and you get all the credit.

3. Matching Bonus
Put your business on the fast track to success, first, by becoming a Platinum PaceSetter in the first 6 weeks of your business. Then, help new downline members duplicate your success, and you will be rewarded with up to a 100 percent Matching Bonus for as many as eight months (32 weeks) on the sales volume of Associates you enroll who become Platinum PaceSetters. This bonus, unique to USANA, is the best way to quickly boost your income!

4. Incentives
Energize your business, build teamwork, and enjoy amazing rewards when you participate in the many fun and challenging contests and leadership incentives USANA offers throughout every year. Past rewards have included luxury travel to exotic destinations, such as Ireland or Hawaii; valuable prizes, including cars; and even thousands of dollars in extra cash! Not to mention the respect and recognition you receive as a top achiever or contest winner at USANA events.

5. Leadership Bonus
Become a top leader who helps others succeed and you will be eligible to receive a share in the profits for your excellent sales performance. Every week, USANA reserves three percent of its commissionable volume and divides it among qualifying Gold Directors and above to support building and training new leaders. As you advance beyond Gold, the number of shares you receive each week increases exponentially, helping you accumulate wealth quicker.

6. Elite Bonus
As an additional incentive to strive for the heights of excellence, USANA offers another attractive bonus exclusively to each quarter’s top 25 income earners. Enrich your income with a share of one percent of USANA’s quarterly profits, which we reserved for the fastest growing elite. The more you earn and grow, the better your reward.

Download the complete USANA Binary Compensation Plan to learn more.

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