Thursday, April 1, 2010

Social Media 101: Learn to Expand Your Business Network Online

Social Media 101: Learn to Expand Your Network Online
Nearly 1,300 USANA Associates participated in a survey asking whether they would be interested in USANA-provided social media training. More than 88 percent of respondents were at least somewhat interested, with two-thirds of all participants signifying they were very interested in social media training.

With your help, USANA created and launched Social Media 101, a step-by-step online video tutorial teaching you the basics of social media, showing you how to establish and expand your online presence, and explaining how social media can help you build your USANA business.

Social media and social networking sites—Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, and a host of other sites with funny-sounding names—are revolutionizing the way we live our lives and how we do business. You may not realize it, but you are utilizing a form of social media every day simply by connecting with others to manage a successful USANA business.

But instead of reaching just a handful of people—as you might through traditional means—online social media allows you to easily connect, network, and interact with a much larger audience from around the globe. USANA is here to help you tap into these rapidly growing communities and get you started on your social media journey.

Log on to USANAtoday and visit the Social Networking page of the Media Center to view the entire tutorial covering Facebook, Twitter, and blogging, or just watch the parts of interest to you.

Once you’ve viewed the Social Media 101 training, be sure to connect with USANA. Here’s where to find several of USANA’s social networking sites.

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