Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Four Words That Can Kill Your Business - by Pete Zdanis

Four Words That Can Kill Your Business
-       by Pete Zdanis

See – Think – Plan – Try

Four simple words that, on the surface, seem like good things for all of us to do.

However, when used, or mis-used, in a certain context by you or your team, these actions can bring your business to a screeching halt.

Let’s take a closer look:

See – Obviously, before you can understand or embrace a belief or vision, you need to “see” it. That, however, is only the first, and brief, step to success. Too many people take the attitude of, “Well, I’ll enroll in USANA and then I’ll see what happens.” If you just sit there looking around, guess what will happen – nothing! You need to take action and make things happen instead of just observing others who are doing what needs to be done.

Think – Before embarking on any endeavor, one must always put some thought into it. However, you don’t want to make a career of your pensiveness. Whenever I hear someone say “I’ll think about completing the BDS eApprentice training next week”, I know what will happen next – nothing. “Thinking” about doing something means that it is not important to you, and you need to decide how it compares to other priorities in your life such as cleaning the basement and organizing your sock drawer.

Plan – Having a plan is also a good thing to do whenever approaching any undertaking involving more than a few steps. However, one runs the risk of “paralysis by analysis” when the plan, rather than the activity, becomes the focus. I have observed Associates who plan their training, then plan their autoship order, then plan their web site layout, then plan on how to gather, prioritize and approach their leads, then plan on how they will send and receive e-mails, cell phone calls, land-line calls, voice mails, call forwarding, etc., etc. Once all these various individual plans are completed, verified and reviewed again, it then becomes necessary to plan how they will all work together as a process for optimum results. In the mean time, no business building has taken place, 42 days have passed, and the Associate realizes that they didn’t plan on what needed to be done to become a Platinum PaceSetter!

Try – This is usually the real kiss of death to any hope of building a successful USANA business. You need to try something before you know if it works, right? That’s true, but in the case of being a USANA Associate, all the “trying” has already been done for you. Anyone who has read a Health & Freedom paper, the Weekly Reports, etc., knows that thousands of Associates have already been successful in building a USANA business. It works! You don’t need to “try” it, you just need to “do” it. You don’t “try” a parachute jump, you either do it, or you don’t. When someone says, “I’ll sign up as an Associate and give USANA a try.”, they are setting themselves up for failure by giving themselves permission to quit at the first obstacle or sign of resistance by anyone or anything.

"Do or Do not. There is no try." - Yoda :

There is absolutely nothing wrong with “seeing”, “thinking”, “planning” or “trying” – under the right circumstances. However, unless these activities are combined with a healthy dose of “acting” and “doing”, they are only four words.

Four words that can kill your business.

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