Thursday, May 27, 2010

Satisfaction - Being Satisfied With Where You Are

Satisfaction - Being satisfied with where you are.

by Kimberly Borgens -

Bee with pencilUnless we are satisfied with where you are right now you will continue to look for the flaws. "This is it and I am satisfied" is a statement for right now in this moment. It is a wonderful feeling to know I can still reach for more.  What are the things you have and what is it that you do in your life. If what you do and have in life is serving you, stick with it. If it is no longer serving you, you may want to release it or choose something different. Focusing on the flaws in life creates the feeling of you not being satisfied. Focusing on what you have and where you are and enjoying what has been created so far is much more fullfiling. If you have a feeling of what you cannot do right now ask yourself what you can do right now. Keep going after what you can do to be more satisfied. 

Are you ready to take inventory of what you have and do?
Do you have the success you are looking for?
Have you done everything you would like to do?
Do you have support from the people you would like?
Are you supporting the people you like?
Where are you placing your focus?

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