Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Terrible Thing! - by Pete Zdanis

- by Pete Zdanis

There is an age old saying in business - "A terrible thing happens when you fail to advertise - NOTHING!!" 

Let's face it, the fact of the matter is that, unless you are sponsoring an average of one or two new Associates into your USANA business every month, you will likely never build a business which will produce any significant residual income. I don't mean to be too blunt, but, that's the reality of it.

Now, how do you sponsor new Associates? Well - first of all, you have to "advertise".

What is "advertising"? Advertising, sometimes referred to as "advertising and promotion", is very simply the process of telling people about your product, service or business. That's it. Nothing more - nothing less.

Advertising can be something as basic as telling a friend or family member about USANA, all the way to placing a full page, full color ad in a national newspaper or magazine, or a 60 second TV spot during the Super Bowl, and everything in between. It's simply a matter of making contacts or "impressions" on people. The more contacts or impressions you make, the more interested people you will find. The more interested people you find, the more Associates you will sponsor into your USANA business. The more Associates you sponsor into your USANA business, the more your USANA business will grow. It's a very, very simple formula, but one that many people fail to recognize, or fail to follow.

As mentioned above, advertising can take many shapes and forms:

o Talking with people you know ("warm market")
o Talking with people you don't know yet ("cold market")
o Business Cards
o Opportunity Cards
o Promotional Flyers
o Post Cards (such as the "Health & Freedom" postcard)
o USANA Brochures
o USANA Health & Freedom Paper
o USANA Audios
o USANA Videos
o Live Conference Calls
o Recorded Conference Calls
o Cold Calling
o Three Way Calls
o Print Classified Ads
o Direct Mailing to Leads
o E-mail messages
o E-zine advertising
o Promoting Your USANA Website
.......just to name a few.

You can make just a few impressions a day by talking with people you know or people you meet. You can make thousands of impressions a day in a localized area with a classified ad in a newspaper. You can make thousands of impressions around the world, 24 hours a day with a well-promoted website or e-mail advertising campaign.

The options are many, and range from virtually no cost to an increasing requirement of cost and effort. It's up to you to choose which methods best fit your time, talents, and financial resources.

The important thing is that you MUST always have at least one or two forms of advertising working for you all the time. You MUST always be making impressions in order to find interested people who you can convert to new USANA Associates. Be sure to test and experiment to make sure that whatever advertising you do is effective and not a waste of time and money. And ALWAYS be sure that ANY advertising you do is within USANA Policy and Procedure Compliance guidelines. You should also keep the "duplication factor" in mind - in other words, use effective advertising methods that can also be easily implemented by the new Distributors you sponsor.

As some of you have learned already, people aren't very likely to seek you out and beg you to sponsor them into USANA just because you signed a USANA Associate Application and put that unopened USANA Starter Kit on the shelf in your closet!

It's up to YOU to tell people about USANA and what you have to offer them. HOW you do it is also up to you. But, you MUST do SOMETHING. Or, guess what happens.........? That's right - a terrible thing - NOTHING!

Good luck and happy advertising!

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