Friday, May 14, 2010

Why Distributors Quit Network Marketing

Why Distributors Quit Network Marketing
by Jennifer Fisher

Remember in school when we didn’t turn in our homework? What’s the best and most widely used excuse? "The dog ate my homework". Of course it helped if you had a dog.

When a new distributor gets involved in Network Marketing, it just seems that self-development and motivational information becomes a BIG part of the process, and yes, there is a process to becoming successful. Why is that?

We have to have a dream. That dream has to be BIGGER than paying off the credit card bill, paying off the mortgage, getting out of debt. Successful Network Marketing Leaders say "Your dream has to be bigger than yourself". Some call it our "WHY". 

Having credit card bills, the mortgage, being in debt are common. It’s great to dream of being financially free, but some people will accept the common-ness of the majority. And if we are brutally honest, the majority of people live in and with debt; they may not like it, but are willing to accept their status quo. There’s little effort to put forth. It’s the easier path.

So why do affiliates quit building their home based business? Why do they become a distributor today and then quit 3 days, 3 months, 2 years down the road? As several of my mentors have said over and over again….. "Any excuse will do."

Here are some I’m sure we’ve all heard:
1. The Products are too expensive
2. I can’t get anybody to join
3. It’s too hard
4. I don’t have anybody to talk to
5. My sponsor won’t return my calls
6. My sponsor won’t help me
7. My sponsor won’t put anyone under me
8. My products didn’t come on time
9. The label on the product was crooked
10. Another team mate hurt my feelings
11. I don’t have time
12. I’m too tired
13. My car broke down. I can’t get to the meetings
14. I can’t afford the gas to go to the meetings
15. I can’t get anyone to go to the meetings
16. I don’t like the products
17. I’m just not lucky
18. I didn’t realize it was going to take so long
19. Nobody told me I had to ……
20. My spouse doesn’t support me
21. My friends say it’s a pyramid scheme
22. Network marketing doesn’t really work
23. I’ve been in since …. and still haven’t made any money.
24. …………………. (What’s your excuse- you fill in the blank)

This is just the tip of the iceberg and I’m sure if you’ve been a leader in Network Marketing any length of time, you’ve heard some real lu-lus yourself. 

Can we over-come all these objections/excuses to keep a distributor or affiliate in the game long enough to see success? No and we shouldn’t try. Some people just quit and that’s what they do best. 

We can’t motivate others who are not motivated already. We can’t force someone to have dreams and desires bigger than what they can see today, right now in this moment. We can’t force, convince or motivate our fellow distributors to want something they don’t really want long enough to stay the course.

So, did the Dog Eat Your Homework?

Any excuse will do.


  1. Excellent article! We can encourage and educate fellow Distributors, but the choice to pursue their dreams through the obstacles, is theirs. The joy is in overcoming challenges (Notice that 84 year old Edna Northrup pushed through recently to Mt. Everest base camp. That couldn't have been easy!) She pursued her dream.

  2. Hi Pete
    Yes that's true you right about this when people don't want to do this or they think its too hard or too lang to get there, they start making all sorts of excuses.
    I agree you have to want this for the long term its not a get rich scheme if they think that this is they are in the wrong boat.
    What I have found in my self in order for any one to be a success in what ever they chose first like you say they have to dream big I agree but also important is that they have to believe in it and themselves that they can achieve this and start picturing them selves already doing it this be pass ante about it they have to have that burning and long desire to succeed in something like this with out this and planing setting goals and doing each day as it comes and being a success one day as it comes they wont get there success its a journey not a destination.
    Thank you
    Adnan Sulejman