Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

In case you didn’t realize it, this week is the beginning of the new qualification period for USANA 2010/2011 incentives, including Fortune 25, Growth 25, 2011 International Convention Recognition, etc., etc.

It’s time for everyone to take responsibility and accountability for their USANA business, get to work, do the right things (instead of just doing things right) and build their USANA business to the level that they have always wanted. 

Here are some ideas to help you get off to the best possible start in your USANA New Year:

. Just as many people make New Year's resolutions in December and January, make your USANA New Year's now. Define or re-define your "Why". Set your goals and develop specific plans (Single Daily Actions) to achieve those goals. Focus on achieving them.

. Re-visit and clean up your prospect list. Prioritize your best prospects and start contacting them today. Clean out the "dead wood" on the list - don't allow them to waste your valuable time. Make one last call to those prospects who have been telling you "maybe" for all these past months. Politely tell them that you won't be contacting them again in the future, but, if they want to be a part of your success story, you would welcome the opportunity to help them create their own success story if they decide to get started now.

. Take all of the USANA business building tools that are still in the box in your closet, put them in the middle of your dining room table, and make it a goal to hand out each and every one of them before Convention. Don't move the stack from the table until you have given them all out.
. As always, a new Health and Freedom newspaper, and many other marketing tools, will be introduced at Convention. Clean out your USANA tool box now, and get them into the hands of prospects before they are obsolete. Put them on the front seat of your car, so you don't forget, or get caught talking with a good prospect and nothing to give to them.

. Finally, September and October are two of the best business building months of the year. Vacations are over and the kids are back in school. Do yourself and your prospects a favor by explaining to your prospects the value of joining USANA with you NOW so that they will be fully trained and ready to hit the ground running in September to take full advantage of that excellent prospecting period.

Will 20
11 be your breakthrough year in USANA? Only you can decide that, and only you can make it happen.

Pete & Dora Zdanis

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