Sunday, July 4, 2010

Zdanis Team Recognition Report - 07.04.10

July 4th, 2010


Below are team members who recently joined our USANA organization, as well as those who advanced to a new title. Please join us in welcoming these new USANA team members, and congratulating those who have advanced to a new level in their USANA business.

We would like to offer special congratulations to Joe Schwalm and his team who collectively sponsored 22 of the 54 new USANA Associates named below!



. Be sure to fully explain the USANA Matching Bonus and PaceSetter programs to your new team members ASAP after they join your team. Remember, they have only a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to qualify as a PaceSetter or Platinum PaceSetter during the 42 day period following their enrollment.

. If you have not yet completed the USANA BDS eApprentice training, be sure to do so soon and share your USANA business goals with your upline.

. If you and your team members are not receiving our daily e-mail messages full of tips and ideas on how to build your USANA business, please be sure to subscribe to the ZdanisUsanaTeam e-mail Distribution List today. To subscribe to the Zdanis Usana Team list, simply click on:

Pete and Dora Zdanis
Chester Springs, PA


. Bryant Vasquez, Wurtsboro, NY, US – Michael McKelvey

. Allan Youberg, Edgewood, NM, US – Norm Bryant

. Richard Jersey, Wurtsboro, NY, US, - Bryant Vasquez

. John Bell, Celina, TX, US, - Robert Friedel
. Joshua Simon, Rock Hill, NY, US, - Michael Mckelvey

. Agnes Jacob, Silver Spring, MD, US, - Howard Salob

. Marianne Bagacino, Chicago, IL, US, - Howard Salob

. Delores McKenzie, Middletown, NY, US, - Merris Morris

. Darlene Audisho, Ancaster, ON, CA, - Pauline Puzynska

. Lori Marshall, Medicine Hat, AB, CA, - Denise O’Connor

. Sonia Diaz, Rock Tavern, NY, US, - Myrna Richards

. Joe Schwalm, Elizabethtown, PA, US, - Pete and Dora Zdanis

. Shirley Bickham, Middletown, NY, US, - Brenda Rivera

. Ron Walker, Edson, AB, CA, - Pete & Dora Zdanis

. Linda Schwalm, Elizabethtown, PA, US, - Joe Schwalm

. Nancy Vejby, Windsor, CA, US, - Pauline Puzynska

. Rashida Mims, Washington, DC, US, - Claire Fay

. Angell Walker, Chaparral, NM, US, - Charles Walker

. Kenya Hanna, Whitney, TX, US, - Kimberly Keen

. Avery Wiesman, Elizabethtown, PA, US, - Linda Schwalm

. Dacia Wiesman, Elizabethtown, PA, US, - Linda Schwalm

. Aaron Schwalm, Hegins, PA, US, - Joe Schwalm

. Patricia Pawson, Zellwood, FL, US, - Joe Schwalm

. Diane Bouwman Corbett, Port Dover, ON, CA, - Sandy McDonald

. Michael Schwalm, Hegins, PA, US, - Aaron Schwalm

. Bill Shepard, Milford, PA, US, - Bryant Vasquez

. Mark Reed, Stoney Creek, ON, CA, - Slava Reed

. Michelle Baranowski, Hamilton, ON, CA, - Slava Reed

. Joy Sharpe, Dundas, ON, CA, - Sandy McDonald

. Jonathan Pawson, Bend, OR, US, - Patricia Pawson

. Madeline Mateo, Middletown, NY, US, - Bryant Vasquez

. Sharon Kelly, Zellwood, FL, US, - Patricia Pawson

. Constance Noll, Palmyra, PA, US, - Linda Schwalm

. Natalie Garcia, Hatch, NM, US, - Norm Bryant

. Kismet Stringfield, Middletown, NY, US, - Delores McKenzie

. Joyceann Anderson, New Rochelle, NY, US, - Delores McKenzie

. Kimberly Leiding, Longmont, CO, US, - Pete and Dora Zdanis

. Tanya Updegrave, Hegins, PA, US, - Micheal Schwalm

. Tonia Dutton, Apopka, FL, US, - Sharon Kelly

. Elaine Slikkers, Holland, MI, US, - Patricia Pawson

. Margot Ream, Elizabethtown, PA, US, - Linda Schwalm

. Jonathan Kim, Fair Oaks, CA, US, - Jonathan Pawson

. Michael Chartrand, Palmyra, PA, US, - Constance Noll

. Joseline Chelliah, Apopka, FL, US, - Patricia Pawson

. Lance Hotchkiss, Edson, AB, CA, - Ron Walker

. Merilyn Walker, Edson, AB, CA, - Ron Walker

. Paul Sharpe, Grand Prairie, TX, US, - Pete and Dora Zdanis

. Gretchen Sharpe, Grand Prairie, TX, US, - Paul Sharpe

. Teresa Gardner, Edson, AB, CA, - Ron Walker

. Mitchell Kawasaki, Hamilton, ON, CA, - Pauline Puzynska

. Rocky Starr, Mesquite, TX, US, - Norm Bryant

. Daniel Sweeten, Westmont, IL, US, - Jonathan Kim

. Sonjia Vascotto, Milton, ON, CA, - Pauline Puzynska

. Lee Colaguori, Lebanon, PA, US, - Joe Schwalm

. James Smith, Lebanon, PA, US, - Lee Colaguori

. David Herb, Valley View, PA, US, - Joe Schwalm

. Celeste Harrison, Manassas, VA, US, - Pete and Dora Zdanis

. Shanna Bakker, West Olive, MI, US, - Jonathan Pawson

. Terry Souders, Middletown, PA, US, - Lee Colaguori



. Deborah Bourne, Waterloo, ON, CA

. Lukas George, Kitchener, ON, CA

. Patricia Pawson, Zellwood, FL, US

. Howard Salob, Monroe, NY, US

. Joseph Schwalm, Elizabethtown, PA, US

. Paul Sharpe, Grand Prairie, TX, US

. Ron Walker, Edson, AB, CA


. Jeffrey Carlisle, Carmel, IN, US

. Robin Frost, Amissville, VA, US

. Viola James, Middletown, NY, US

. Jonathan Pawson, Bend, OR, US

. Linda Schwalm, Elizabethtown, PA, US

. Aaron Schwalm, Hegins, PA, US

. Bryant Vasquez, Wurtsboro, NY, US

. Allan Youberg, Edgewood, NM, US

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