Thursday, July 29, 2010

Momentum and The Power of Sync

Momentum and The Power of Sync 
- by Pete Zdanis

One of my favorite authors is Seth Godin. If you haven’t yet read his book “Tribes” - - I recommend you do so soon.

I am a subscriber to Seth Godin’s Blog - - and receive daily updates from him. The blog article below – “The power of sync” -  struck me as a real-life analogy to what we in network marketing call “momentum”.

Few Associates ever experience true momentum, because it is so easy to fall into “management mode”. That is, they’ve sponsored a few Associates and their “team” has grown to 20, 50, 100 or even a few hundred people over time. The “team leader” then sits back and starts telling those people what they should be doing – (management mode) instead of leading by example by continuing to invite, present, recruit and sponsor motivated, committed entrepreneurs themselves.

The reality is that this team leader really isn’t leading a team. They are giving orders to a collection of people who are doing (or not doing) things for their own reasons, at their own pace, at a time of their choosing. That is understandable. We are all independent business people who can choose to build or not build our businesses how we want to. This is why some people consider network marketing to be similar to “herding cats”. 

The manager continues to hope that someone in the group will someday start building their business. What is really happening is that all of these associates are watching what their upline manager(s) is/are doing, and duplicating their actions. In a worst case scenario, this can lead to a collection of people all telling other people what they should be doing, with no one doing what needs to be done to build a business!

The solution? – Stop being a manager and start leading by example. Invite, present, recruit and sponsor motivated, committed entrepreneurs on an ongoing basis. Work with them, train, coach and mentor them to help them achieve their personal and financial goals. 

Stop telling people what to do, and start doing it yourself. 

Soon, the motivated, committed entrepreneurs you have sponsored will be duplicating your efforts. It is also likely that a few of the “cats” in your “herd” will start paying attention and begin duplicating your efforts as well.

Think for a moment about what would happen to your business if every person on your team sponsored just one new Associate every month, and duplicated that process throughout their own teams.

You would experience what Seth Godin calls “the power of sync”, or what everyone in network marketing dreams of – “momentum”.

The power of sync by Seth Godin

100 people doing something at the same time has far more power than 300 people doing it over time.

We unconsciously amplify the power of coordination when we consider the impact of actions. If there's a thousand people waiting outside of a store, we instantly believe we're seeing a phenomenon.

While the internet makes it easier than ever to spread ideas, it makes it far more compelling to coordinate actions.

If everyone in your weekly meeting drops a pencil at precisely 12:03, you'll notice.

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