Sunday, July 25, 2010

Treat Them How?

Treat Them How?
by Bob Burg

There’s a saying that, in sales, we should treat our prospects like family. I wonder about that one, though.

After all, when dealing with loved ones don’t we sometimes assume we know what they are thinking? Do we not try to win a debate solely for the sake of winning? Are there times we actually argue? Are we ever guilty of not being as kind as we could possibly be when speaking with those we love?

On the other hand, when dealing with prospects, we don’t assume, but ask questions so we can understand what they are thinking, and what they want and need. We don’t debate because we know there is no winning a debate with a prospect, right? After all, win the debate – lose the sale.

We don’t argue with him or her because that, as well, is pointless. And we’re always kind because we want our prospect to like us, so that they’ll be more apt to buy.

Let me suggest then, that, instead of treating our prospects like family, let’s treat our family like prospects. And, while we”re at it, let’s treat our prospects like they are prospects, as well.

Your thoughts?

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