Saturday, August 28, 2010

Get The Most Nutrition From Your Food

Get the Most Nutrition From Your Food

Need help “digesting” all the new product information announced at the USANA 2010 International Convention? Have no fear, we are here to give you an overview of USANA’s newest addition to our already great line-up of Nutritionals: USANA Digestive Enzyme!

Your body relies on the nutrients found in food to survive. As you take in food, your digestive system begins working to break down nutrients so they can be absorbed into your bloodstream and carried to all the cells in your body. In fact, healthy digestion is so important to your overall health that USANA has created a special subcategory of Nutritionals called “Digestion/Detox” to call extra attention to it. Digestive Enzyme, as well as USANA® Probiotic, Fibergy® Plus, and Hepasil DTX™ are Digestion/Detox products that all play important roles in aiding and maintaining your digestive and liver health.*

Eat Healthy, Get All the Benefits

While it’s important to eat a healthy diet, good eating habits may not make you healthier if the nutrients aren’t properly absorbed. USANA’s Digestive Enzyme supplement was designed to encourage more complete digestion and absorption of nutrients, so that you can get the most nutrition from the foods that you eat. In addition, Digestive Enzyme also helps alleviate the stuffed feeling after eating a large meal and reduce the symptoms of occasional indigestion, including heartburn, gas, and bloating. It also supports the body’s natural detoxification processes.

USANA’s Digestive Enzyme contains many different enzymes to help breakdown starches, proteins, and fats. The blend is also formulated with lactase, which assists in the digestion of food containing lactose, a sugar found in dairy products, and may help prevent symptoms of lactose intolerance. In addition, USANA’s Digestive Enzyme is different from others on the market because it contains spirulina, a nutrient-rich blue-green algae “super food” that contains chlorophyll, which supports the body’s natural processes for eliminating toxins.

Need more help “digesting” all the information on this product? There is a downloadable flyer called “The Science Behind Digestive Enzyme” available under “Prospecting” for you to share with your customers and to help answer any questions. Make sure you look for all of the Digestion/Detox products in their new category on the shopping cart, and pick up new Product Information Booklets, Prospecting Catalogs, and Health & Freedom Newspapers—all of which reflect the new subcategory—to share with your prospects. 

Feel the difference optimal nutrient absorption can make in your health. Order your Digestive Enzyme today!

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