Sunday, August 29, 2010

Improve Your PaceSetter Status and Earn More Matching Bonus

Improve Your PaceSetter Status and Earn More Matching Bonus

The next eight weeks might be the most important of your entire year. So go to the calendar. Grab a red pen. Find October 22, 2010. Circle it. Then circle it again.

Between August 27 and midnight (MDT) on October 22, you’ll have an opportunity to break through to a new level of Matching Bonus potential. The International Convention qualification opportunity—announced at, you guessed it, USANA’s International Convention—gives you eight weeks to improve your current PaceSetter status and make a larger Matching Bonus percentage. Think of it as your Matching Bonus bonus.

You’ll have to earn it, though. The bump in your PaceSetter status will be determined by the Sales Volume Points generated by the new Associates you enroll during the eight-week period. Then, you will be able to receive Matching Bonus payouts at the new, higher level from October 22 until the anniversary of your enrollment date.

This is a part of one of Convention’s biggest announcements—improvements to the PaceSetter program. If you missed out, USANA has added a new level to the program. Where there was once PaceSetter and Platinum PaceSetter, there’s now Premier. All Associates who were PaceSetters or Platinum PaceSetters before midnight (MDT) on August 27 will be able to tack Premier to the front of their current status. There has also been an expansion of the program to give you an annual opportunity to secure a higher Matching Bonus payout percentage for those who do not qualify as Premier Platinum PaceSetters. For more information on these improved, expanded opportunities go to the PaceSetters page.

Also, make sure to review the International Convention qualification opportunity page for all the details about how you can break through to a new level of Matching Bonus potential, now. Then get out there and earn your Matching Bonus bonus. The clock is already ticking!

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