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How to Brand Yourself As an Expert in Network Marketing Cyberspace

How to Brand Yourself As an Expert in Network Marketing Cyberspace

- by Marco Abanico

There are several ways you can go about branding yourself as an expert if you want to get QUALITY prospects for your network marketing business. What I'm about to discuss are the same ways that veteran network marketers use to brand themselves as experts.

The following is a list of ways to brand yourself in cyberspace as an expert in network marketing:
  1. personal development
  2. article marketing
  3. video marketing
  4. social media marketing

A good network marketer always keeps himself up to date on the latest developments in marketing. Given the fact that two of the top reasons why network marketers fail in this is business are lack of MONEY and lack of leads because they don't know how to MARKET, it is important to know something about the marketing aspect since you can't help your distributors with the money aspect.

For that reason, a good network marketer is always reading books on the topic of marketing by engaging in personal development. For instance, if you need to know how to set up a video for your business, it is NOT personal development if you are reading John C. Maxwell's Leadership Gold when you should be reading Greg Jarboe's YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day.

Reading Leadership Gold is READING about personal development whereas reading YouTube and Video Marketing is PRACTICING personal development. Think of it this way, if you were to study internet marketing in college, do you think for once that Leadership Gold is going to be at the top of the list of required textbooks? I don't think so. So why would your personal development program be any different? So, "hit the damn books!" as my father used to tell me when I was a child.

Perhaps the oldest and most widely used method to brand yourself in the marketplace is writing articles. I'm not joking. Writing articles is a great way to brand yourself as an expert in network marketing because it gets the word out. The technique of article marketing is older than the internet itself and has been around perhaps longer than the first inception of the printing press. When you write articles, you can deposit that article in not just one article directory, but several high traffic article directories on the internet.

When you write articles, give something of value on a topic you know about...in my case, internet marketing. At the end of the article, include a resource box that has your name, URL, phone number, or any other contact information for prospects to contact you about your business. If at all possible, pick a few keywords in the body of the article and hyperlink it back to your website or blog.

Since the inception of YouTube, website visitors are now flocking to YouTube to view videos on their topic of choice such as knowing something about the sponsor, which is YOU.

Now that YouTube is the 3rd most trafficked website in the world, it only makes sense to have a video in YouTube. Putting a video in YouTube is like putting a McDonald's on a busy street in your city or town as opposed to setting up a McDonald's restaurant on a side street where there is minimal drive-by traffic.

After you create your video and upload it into YouTube, be sure to tag your keywords metatag appropriately. By that, I mean that you should tag it with the necessary keyword phrases that your visitors would use to find a video on you or the topic you are talking about. Be sure to maximize the keywords space out and not just stick in two or three keyword phrases. By doing so, you make your YouTube pages more "sticky" meaning that you'll attract more visitors to your YouTube video or channel. Who could use more pageviews for their business? Could you?

You also want to take advantage of the 5000 character limit in the description metatag of your YouTube video. In the description, be sure to include a hyperlink back to your website, your name, your phone number, and any contact information for prospects to reach you. Consider typing out your dialog from the video. Again, by doing so, you add text content to the description and make the video more sticky in case visitors who do not have computer speakers want to read what you are saying in the video.

Finally, social media marketing is another great way to establish yourself as an expert. Facebook is now the 2nd most trafficked website on the internet. It only makes sense to take advantage of social media marketing on Facebook and tap into the network of like-minded people in network marketing. Social media is simply a digital version of attending a social function where you are networking with people and exchanging business cards.

The Facebook medium is no different except that this social "function" is open 24 hours per day. If you don't have a Facebook account, consider getting one and mingle with other people. Believe me. It is less intimidating to mingle with others over the internet than it is face-to-face.

When engaging others in social media, always talk about the other person and NOT yourself. Always give them something of value that would help THEM in their business and not yourself. By doing so, you establish yourself as an expert in what you do.

After you give something of value, include a hyperlink back to your website to take your new Facebook friend to the doorstep of your site. Do it sparingly, and NOT with every post you make because if you do, you will make yourself look spammy, and people do not like spammers. So engage with your prospects and do NOT try to sell them on your opportunity. Most people will be tuned-out about your primary business opportunity anyway.

Hopefully, these four tips can help you brand YOU in cyberspace.

Marco Abanico is a freelance article writer for InboundMLMSuccess. He is a leader in the network marketing industry and enjoys writing extensively on network marketing lead generation.

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