Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prospecting Inside the Organization

by Michael S. Clouse


Prospecting... It's the name of the game! 

And having so stated the obvious, prepare to discover yet another part of the solution. Because Prospecting Inside the Organization is just a single technique and should, therefore, only be part of your overall "Where-am-I-going-to-find-'em?" strategy.

Before we begin let's agree that, Prospecting Inside the Organization recognizes these four points as truth:

1. You have a group of distributors that are already sponsored, some by you personally, and yet most of whom were brought into the business by someone else on your team.

2. As your business continues to grow, it becomes more difficult to personally know everyone in your downline... Therefore, your goal is to develop a core leadership team of about 30 key distributors, and then to personally work with this ever-evolving group.

3. When it comes to building your business, sometimes the timing is wrong... Sometimes the timing is right! Your job is to be there, Prospecting Inside The Organization when the timing is right.

4. The larger your business becomes, the more this statement is true: "At any given moment someone in your business will make a decision to actually do something with this business...to get started again." However, they may not even know how to get re-activated, or what they need to do in order to build a successful business.

So how does, Prospecting Inside the Organization actually work?

By incorporating the following four points, you can begin "finding" those already signed up in your business—the ones where the timing is now right—and immediately begin teaching them how to achieve their dreams!

1. Go online, take a look at your organizational report, and be prepared to make a few calls.

2. Have a good reason to call: You want to develop your business in a certain city, state, or province. Perhaps you are looking for a certain organizational structure for that next promotion...or if your business is small enough, you can simply call everyone.

3. Pick up the telephone, and give those you want to "prospect" a call. Let them know a. Who you are: your name and the name of your company.

b. Why you're calling. For example, they live in San Francisco, or Toronto, or Oslo, and you're looking to expand your business in that area.

c. Explain why you're interested in them... You have achieved a certain level of success in this business, and you're looking for someone to partner with for the next 90 days. You came across their name on your company client list, and decided to give them a call...

d. To find out if they would be interested in personally working with you over the next 90 days to see what the two of you could accomplish together.

4. Keep calling until you have two to four new people to work with. Then treat 'em just like you would if you were personally bringing them on board. Schedule a getting-started game plan within 48 hours; teach them how to develop their list; help them schedule their time; suggest the books they read, the CD programs they listen to, and the classes they should attend, etc.

Because Prospecting Inside the Organization works, but only to the degree that you work it... 

And if you really want to know what your current potential is, start counting the zeros next to all those names on your organizational report! Because after all at some past point they did actually sign up... And today, if they're not doing anything at all—your job is to contact them, find out if the timing is right, and then help them get started again! 

By the way, if you have an e-mail list, this would be a great time to update it as well. Just remember, some won't be ready when you call, however with their e-mail address in hand, you can begin "dripping" on them again... And who knows, the next time you give them a call, the timing might be perfect! 

All the best,


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