Friday, July 12, 2013

The Top Ten Skills for Network Marketing

#10. Ice Breakers.

When we are prospecting, we have to turn a social conversation into a business conversation. And that should be done smoothly.

If we are unskilled, this transition from social talk to business talk is ugly. It sounds something like this to the prospect:

"Hi, how are you? How is the weather? Do you want to be a distributor?"

Ouch. This is what gets us rejected. This is why they make fun of us at family reunions.

Learning how to make a smooth transition from social talk to business talk isn't hard. It is just a matter of using some great benefit phrases. But, as professionals, we want to be so much better!

We want to use an "Ice Breaker" that also gets our prospects to beg us for a presentation. That gives us unlimited presentations every day, and we never have to ask for an appointment.

So ask yourself, "How good are my Ice Breaker opening sentences?"

If you haven't mastered this skill, it will be a painful career.

 #9. Needs vs. Wants.

Every new distributor feels discouraged when they present their products and opportunity to people who "need it" but don't "want it." They don't realize that their business is only with the people who "want it."

This skill teaches them how to instantly locate and focus all their attention to the prospects who are ready and eager to buy. They will learn to ignore those dead-in channels of needy people who don't want to change.

Now, it is natural for us to need things and not want them. We need to exercise, but we don't want to. We need to diet, but we don't want to. Etc.

The key is getting the new distributors away from the prospects who need, and in front of the prospects who want.

 #8. The Four Personalities.

Out of the 25 skills, this might be the second skill you would want to teach a brand new distributor. Why?

The four personalities empower the new distributor with confidence because he now knows more than his prospects. Instant confidence!

Besides, this skill is fun. It is what they should have taught us in high school. We learn how to deal with why and how people think differently. Without this skill, we ruin three out of four people we meet. That's brutal.

Imagine the fun your new distributor will have when he learns the secret language of each personality. He will be analyzing his co-workers, his relatives, his friends and having fun doing it. This skill is useful everywhere for the rest of our lives.

This skill removes stress, removes rejection, increases rapport, and is just ... fun!

#7. Word Pictures.

If you can help your prospect have a strong, clear vision, then nothing will get in your prospect's way to success. Of course, if you can't give your prospect a strong, clear vision, then everything will get in the way on his way to success.

Word Pictures does this and more.

Word Pictures is one of your best tools in eliminating procrastination. The "I need to think it over" objection simply goes away.

Word Pictures talk directly to the story programs within the subconscious mind. Powerful communication, but in a very pleasant delivery.

You can literally mark your career as "Before Word Pictures" and "After Word Pictures." The results are day and night.

Yet, many basic trainings don't even mention this powerful way to get your message deep inside your prospect's mind without any selling needed.

#6. What to teach leaders.

If the secret to creating a large network marketing business is "To build leaders and make them successful" - then building leaders is a "must" skill.

Now, let's take the ordinary distributor. Does he have leadership skills? Does he know exactly what to say and do to become a leader?

Of course not. If you ask a new distributor, "How do you become a leader?" they would say:

"Uh, just lead? Be positive? You know, uh, uh, visionate?"

We can't despair. We can't expect new distributors to know what they don't know yet.

Having a specific, step-by-step skill set for leaders is necessary so building leaders won't be some random event.

#5. Rapport.

Getting that connection with a prospect is critical. If your prospect doesn't trust you or believe you, nothing you say will work. You could have the best presentation, the lowest price, and be endorsed by the president ... but none of this will work without rapport.

Here is an example.

What if I said to you, "I have BMWs in the parking lot for only half-price."

Do you feel it? You are thinking, "Hey, I'm not sure about this. They could be stolen or maybe something is wrong with them."

You won't buy because there is no rapport or trust.

And that means if you don't have rapport, you could discount your product 99% and they still will be reluctant to buy.

You know the feeling when your prospect and you don't have rapport. It is strained. You feel like a salesman. Get your rapport skills mastered, and network marketing is easy.

#4. How to get people to believe the good things you say.

We all say good things. We don't need more good things to say. What we need to do is to learn how to get people to believe the good things we are already telling them.

Prospects are skeptical. They fear we have an agenda. They have programs about "salespeople" such as they will sell you something you don't want, that there is always a catch, that it is too good to be true, etc.

These programs block our good information. So even if you have the greatest opportunity in the history of the world, it doesn't matter. If you are not believed, you are wasting your time.

Just learning small word phrases to command their belief is all we really need. We don't have to get a psychologist. 

Ask yourself, "If prospects believed what I told them, wouldn't they join?"

And the answer is, "Of course they would join."

That's why belief skills are much more important than presentation skills.

#3. How to talk to the subconscious mind.

If the conscious mind can think and learn, that would mean that the subconscious mind has to do everything else ... including making decisions!

Our entire workplace is the subconscious mind. If we aren't talking directly to the subconscious mind, then we aren't even showing up for work! Yet new distributors insist on giving useless presentations of information to the conscious mind. What a waste of time and a waste of a career.

So ask yourself, "How well do I talk to the programs of the subconscious mind of the prospect? Am I communicating directly with the program? Do I use the correct sequences of words to command those programs?"

If your answer is that you don't know how, then you would want to learn quickly so that you could go to work on your career. Why waste time talking to the conscious mind? Start your career now.

 #2. Magic Sequence of Words.

This is the first real skill I was exposed to, and it gave me a full-time income in 60 days. I got hooked on the real skills of network marketing when I started to learn these sequences.

Many subscribers have been to my "live workshops" where I teach this skill. But anyone, no matter how shy, can instantly become a recruiting and closing superstar by learning some basic sequences of words.

I did not know this when I got started in my career. I thought I was talking to stupid people. However, the truth was I was saying stupid things to smart people.

So would it be okay if we taught a dozen of these basic sequences to our new distributors so that they would have instant success in their business?

#1. Closing.

If we don't close, we don't get paid. The only thing our company wants us to do is to get the prospect to make a decision to either join our business or to be a customer.

We can educate, we can entertain, and we can give endless presentations to people who don't join, and we won't get paid. Passing out samples, doing webinars, posting in social media are all activities that we don't get paid for. We have to focus on our job ... to get decisions.

How good of a closer are you?

Do you know at what point your prospects make their final decisions?

Do you know how the human brain processes the decision?

Do you know what part of the brain to talk to for getting that decision?

Write down your very best one sentence close. If you have to think about it, that's not a good sign. 

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289  USA

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