Thursday, July 11, 2013

The USANA Enrollment Process Explained

How to Get Started In Your USANA Business

Starting your USANA business is quick and easy to do. You can enroll online by clicking here: USANA Online Enrollment

Some Key Points Before You Enroll:

USANA BDS - The USANA Business Development System (BDS), which includes comprehensive training materials and information about the USANA products, is a requirement for all new Associates. There is a one-time cost of $29.95US for the BDS at the time of enrollment.

AUTO ORDER - While not required, it is highly recommended that you enroll in the USANA Auto Order program when you enroll as an Associate. This will help insure that you will always have the USANA products you need for your business and personal use. Your USANA Sponsor can help you decide what USANA products you should include in your Auto Order. PLEASE NOTE: All products included in your Auto Order will receive a 10% discount from the USANA Preferred Price.

Also, new Associates can qualify to receive a 10 percent reward based on their initial order when they set up an Auto Order. To receive the 10 percent reward, new Associates must place an initial order, and then set up a reoccurring order through Auto Order. The reward will be split in half and paid during the next two automatically processed Auto Orders: five percent will be paid during the new Associate’s first weekend-processed Auto Order, and five percent will be paid during the second weekend-processed Auto Order.

SPOUSE – If you will be working with a spouse in your USANA business, you have the option of being a co-applicant with your spouse on one USANA account, or, each of you can have your own USANA distributorship, with one of you being the sponsor of the other. We would be happy to discuss the strategies of these options with you.

BUSINESS CENTERS - Activating your USANA Business Centers through the purchase of USANA products is how you “open for business” and qualify to earn commissions on your Group Sales (downline) Volume. You can activate one Business Center with the purchase of 200 SVP (Sales Volume Points) of USANA products, or you can activate three Business Centers with the purchase of 400 SVP of USANA products. Whether you activate one or three Business Centers when you enroll is your choice, however, if your objective is to build your USANA business as quickly as possible and maximize your commission income, then you clearly should start with three Business Centers. I can provide you with more detail on the advantages of having three Business Centers. You should also review the USANA Compensation Plan video - USANA Compensation Plan  – to learn how you make money in a USANA business.

NOTE: If you do not activate three Business Centers when you enroll as an Associate, you have only until the sixth Friday after you enroll to activate three Business Centers.

While you can purchase any of the USANA products to activate your Business Centers, USANA has assembled some convenient optional enrollment packages which offer excellent value:

Click Here – USANA Enrollment Packs – To See All Four Options

Item #404 - 3 Business Centers; Save over $300.00;  You will earn your first $100 commission check.

Item #401 - 3 Business Centers; Save over $500.00

Item #420 - 1 Business Center; Save over $200.00

1 or 3 Business Centers

Please refer to the current USANA Product Price Lists (Click Here: US Product Price List or Canada Price List ) for details on the individual USANA product prices.

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