Monday, November 11, 2013

Building a Powerful Network Marketing Team

- by Pete and Dora Zdanis

It happens all too often.....

A prospect signs up as a new Associate. They're excited about the USANA products and the business, and can't wait to get started. They contact their friends, neighbors and relatives about what they have discovered in USANA, only to often be ridiculed and rejected. They make some other misguided attempts to present USANA to their warm and cold market, and nothing happens - more failure. They don't know what to do next. In the meantime, they've heard nothing from their sponsor or other upline members. Phone calls to their USANA sponsor go unanswered. They feel alone, deserted. They eventually quit.

Strong-willed and motivated people, particularly those with some network marketing experience, can often times overcome this scenario. However, the vast majority of people just give up. And now we have another inactive USANA Associate – a person who feels that "Network Marketing is a scam", or "USANA is not a good company." This attitude can soon spread to other parts of your group, and, before you know it, you have a frustrated, inactive organization. Growth slows and eventually comes to a halt, and attrition increases.

It is a fact that approximately 80% of new USANA Associates have no prior Network Marketing experience. It's also known from feedback collected from inactive distributors, and distributors who have canceled, that one of their biggest complaints is that they've received no contact or support from their sponsor and upline.

On the other hand, there are thriving, growing organizations within USANA. New distributors are signing up with the Professional Pack or the Entrepreneur Pack, and duplicating the process. New USANA Associates are earning checks early and regularly, and advancing to higher pin levels week after week.

What's going on here?

Why do some groups continue to thrive while others shrivel up and die on the vine?

In our opinion, a major factor is "Team Building".
All successful people, in any other endeavor, will tell you that a key to their success has often been motivation and/or coaching and/or mentoring, and network marketing is no exception. Network marketing is also known as "relationship marketing". And that means that you not only need to develop a relationship with prospects, you also need to develop a relationship with the rest of your USANA organization. By necessity, all good relationships (both personal and professional) require communication. A catcher needs to know if the pitcher is going to throw a fastball or a curve ball. A wide receiver needs to know if the quarterback is throwing the ball to them. A spouse needs to know if their partner just wrote a large check which depleted their funds. A new USANA Associate needs to know that they can count on others for help and support, and they need to know how to reach those people. Without communication - nothing happens. Or at least it doesn't happen very well.

Here are a few examples of things that you and your team members can do to build a thriving organization:

·         Throughout the week, check the "New Associates" link on USANA Downline Management (DLM). Click on the "Details" link for every new person, and make a note of their e-mail address and other contact information. You should also do the same for every person upline from them. You can do this by clicking on the "Placement ID#" link for each person. Keep doing this until you have the information for every person upline from the new person. Then, send a short e-mail to the new Associate, with a copy to everyone upline from them, welcoming them to USANA and offering your support.

·         When you personally sponsor a new Associate, send an email announcement, including their contact information (name, address, e-mail address, phone number, etc.) to everyone upline from the new Associate, including your own upline. Ask the new Associate’s upline to send a welcome email to the new Associate, with a copy to you, their sponsor.

·         When you personally sponsor a new Associate, send them an email containing a complete list of their upline team, including email addresses and other contact information. Explain that, as their sponsor, YOU are their main contact for support, however, all the other members of their upline are concerned about their success, and are willing to help and support them as needed.


Do not rely on social media for announcing your new team members, and do not rely on social media for welcoming new team members.

There are three reasons why:

·         Not everyone uses social media on a regular basis, and some people don’t use it at all, making it too easy for important information about new Associates to be missed by some team members.

·         You should not make public postings on social media of new team members’ contact information ( email address, phone number, etc.) as described above

·         Social media does not allow you to send new Associate contact information just to specific team members upline from the new Associate

The above are just a few examples of things you can do to effectively and efficiently build a high performance team.

Just imagine how much more enthused and committed your new Associates will be when they receive messages of welcome and support from five or ten, or more, of their upline team members, and know that they have people who are ready and willing to help them when they need it.

Pass this message on to everyone in your USANA organization, including all of your upline, and watch what can happen when people start to do some of the basic things necessary to build a strong, productive and successful team.

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