Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Get Ahead of the Wave

Get Ahead of the Wave

-               by Pete Zdanis

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it come obstacles and opportunities in building your network marketing business.


From late November until the beginning of the new year, most people are dealing with many distractions – holiday shopping and the related money concerns, social activities, finishing year-end projects at their jobs, etc. It’s difficult to get people to focus on more than one thing at a time, and when you approach them during this period about starting their own business, the natural response in many cases will be: “Let’s talk after the holidays.”


At the beginning of the new year, people are looking to make fresh starts and change their lives for the better, including everything from their health, lifestyle and financial situation. They are open to listening to how network marketing can be the solution they are looking for to help them reach many of their goals. These receptive people are said to be in the “looking zone”. January and February are arguably the most active and productive business building months of the year – for some people.


You’ll notice I said that I said that January and February are arguably the most active and productive business building months of the year – “for some people”. Those who are trained and prepared are in a perfect position to grow their business quickly while so many people are in the looking zone.

However, those who have been putting off getting started will be at somewhat of a disadvantage, since they will be busy setting up their own business and going through their training, etc. Think of it as showing up at the best fishing spot in the world on opening day of the season with no bait, tackle or license.


Make an all-out effort during the next few weeks to follow-up with every one of your prospects. Urge them to take action now and explain how they can position themselves to grow their business as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Not only will they be perfectly positioned to help all those who will be in the looking zone early next year, but they will also be likely to benefit from tax advantages when they file their return in 2014 by setting their business up in 2013 rather than waiting.

The choice is yours.

Will you and your team get ahead of the wave, or……?

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