Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Top Ten Most Viewed Blog Posts for October, 2013

Our Top Ten Most Viewed Blog Posts for October, 2013


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1.         “My Sponsor is an Idiot, and My Downline is Lazy!” - Do you ever feel this way? Do you think that any of your upline or downline members feel this way?

2.         Get Connected, Stay Connected - Some of the most frequent (and loudest) complaints we hear from fellow network marketers include:

3.         How To Build A Bigger Network Marketing Team – Yes, by now you've probably been told (more than a few times I would imagine) that Network Marketing is about three things: prospecting, presentation, and duplication. And yet, if you're like most business-builders, far too many of those you've already introduced to the business seem to be doing, well, nothing at all...

4.         Fact Police! - I only had 30 minutes during this conference training call, just enough time to irritate the listeners by telling them that their presentations were useless.

5.         The Social Security Story - Imagine you and I are both 85 years old. One day I come up to you and I say: "Hey, did you get your Social Security check yet?" And you say: "Huh?"

6.         How To Effectively Tell Your Story - When you stop to think about it, every weekly business briefing—and every large event—needs to include powerful, effective testimonials (or what I call stories), somewhere during the presentation, for the benefit of both distributors and new guests alike.

7.         Social Media and Network Marketing - Network marketing is a business of making contact with others, learning what their concerns and needs are, and then sharing information with them about how your opportunity can be the solution for their concerns and needs. Social media provides an excellent way to accomplish these steps with a large number of people, whether they live across the street, across the country or around the world, on a 24-7 basis.

8.         The Day After "Yes!" - It's going to happen, because it happens to everyone who builds a Network Marketing business... So what, exactly, is going to happen? Someone you shared your business with is going to say, "Yes!"

9.         The Four Emotions That Can Lead to Life Change - Emotions are the most powerful forces inside us. Under the power of emotions, human beings can perform the most heroic (as well as barbaric) acts. To a great degree, civilization itself can be defined as the intelligent channeling of human emotion.

10.       The Butterfly Effect - What does it mean for your life? It means that every decision or action that you make, no matter how small, could potentially dramatically alter the course of your life.

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