Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Look at the Biggest Announcement for Your USANA Business—Ever

Welcome to a new era of the USANA opportunity, where you and your business can have it all—savings, improved compensation, and so much more.

We’ve been promising for months that the 2013 USANA International Convention would feature the biggest announcement for your business in our history. And with the enhancements made to how we do compensation, pricing, rank advancements, and rewards, we delivered—big time.

Now you’ll save money on all the amazing USANA products you trust to help you love life and live it.

You’ll be able to take advantage of commission changes that make compensation simple, streamlined, put more money in your pocket faster, and reward you even more for building a solid business.

You’ll also be able to push your business to higher levels with an upgraded rank advancement process.

Improving our already award-winning business model wasn’t easy. We took the time to figure out how we could change things to make every area of your business better, simpler, and more lucrative. In the end, there were seven major components we changed, simplified, or added that combine into one tremendous enhancement to the USANA opportunity.

  1. Preferred Pricing: Now you’ll only see one price listed for each product. This new Preferred Price—available to Associates and Preferred Customers—is the same as the old Autoship prices. This means we’ve essentially lowered our prices, saving you and your customers money!
  2. Discount on Auto Orders: In addition, you’ll save even more money when you purchase products through automatically processed orders. These Auto Orders (previously known as Autoship) will give you an additional 10-percent discount on qualifying products on top of savings you’ll receive from the Preferred Price.
  3. Initial Order Reward: To help new Associates start off on the right foot, we’re adding a reward based on their initial order. This means 10 percent of qualifying products on their very first order will be credited to two future Auto Orders.
  4. Simplified Rank Advancement: Rank advancements just got simpler. Now, all rank advancements will be based on total base Commission Volume Points (CVP) generated throughout your entire business, instead of individual Business Centers. You may have advanced to the next rank already!
  5. Base Commission Changes: This will be big for your bottom line. No more Commission Payout Schedule. No more tiers. No more complications. Now your base commissions will follow a simple calculation—20 percent of the total Group Sales Volume (GSV) on the small side of your business. You’ll now get paid on a minimum of 125 GSV (instead of 250) which means new Associates will receive their first checks faster, and you’ll no longer have to reach a certain volume tier to receive the next level of commission payout!
  6. Auto Order Maxed Business Center Commission: We want to reward you even more for building a solid business. Now, when you max out a Business Center and at least 5,000 GSV per side comes from Auto Orders, you’ll receive an additional 25-percent CVP payout.
  7. Executive Recognition Titles: Each quarter, Gold Directors and above will have the chance to qualify to earn an executive title—and all the awesome benefits that will come with it. It’s just another thing we’re doing to reward those who build solid businesses.

Exciting, right? Sure. But it’s a lot to take in. For now, the most important thing to understand is that each one of these changes is designed to put more money in your pocket and make your business simpler, more rewarding, and easier to understand. So take a minute to celebrate this big announcement and what it means for you and your business.

Dive into extended explanations with in-depth stories about the savings, earnings, and rank advancement opportunities these changes will bring to your business.

Rank Advancements

Also, don’t miss our handy Frequently Asked Questions that will provide you with full details about all these exciting improvements.

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