Tuesday, August 20, 2013

USANA Unveils New and Reformulated Products

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USANA Unveils New and Reformulated Products


New products include three protein snacks and allergy-free meal replacement, along with Nutrimeal and Probiotic upgrades

SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- USANA Health Sciences, Inc. (NYSE: USNA), an international nutritional company, announced exciting new products and upgrades to their low-glycemic Foods line during its 21st International Convention. USANA unveiled four new products: a mild-flavored meal replacement shake called Nutrimeal™ Free and three protein snacks--Choco Chip™, Peanutty Bliss™ and Fudge Delite™. The company also introduced customers to reformulated Nutrimeal flavors and a new, upgraded probiotic supplement.

"USANA's new protein snacks, along with Nutrimeal Free and our other product upgrades, are major steps forward in the continued development of our Foods product line," says USANA Chief Marketing Officer Doug Braun. "The markets for diet, weight-management, and health-related products are constantly changing, and USANA understands the need to evolve with these marketing trends. It's important for us to stay relevant and listen to what our consumers want in order to continue our worldwide growth and success for years to come."

USANA's new Foods line now includes:

Reformulated Nutrimeal product line. These meal replacement shakes now come in four varying gluten-free flavors, including Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Chocolate Whey, and Wild Strawberry. The formulas were updated to improve the flavor and to cater to consumers with gluten intolerances. Packaging was also updated to reflect USANA's visual rebranding, which was launched last year at International Convention. Nutrimeal Free. Nutrimeal Free is a meal replacement shake made with plant-based protein. It is a gluten-, soy-, fructose- and dairy-free alternative for those with food allergies or those looking to reduce the daily intake of sugar in their diet. 

Three new protein snacks. The low-glycemic, gluten-free Choco Chip, Peanutty Bliss and Fudge Delite protein snacks are intended to serve as a healthy alternative for those who have weight-loss or weight-management issues due to their craving for sweets. They are the first products in the line that will eventually make up USANA's new weight management program. 

Reformulated Probiotic. USANA's probiotic food supplement supports digestive health with a unique blend of healthy bacteria that brings balance to the gut. The reformulated USANA Probiotic is dairy and sugar free, making it a great option for those with dairy sensitivities and for those limiting sugar in their daily diets.

"This year's additions to our Foods line and our other product reformulations show our dedication and commitment to health at every level," says USANA CEO Dave Wentz. "These products are in line with USANA's promise to our consumers, which is that 'Everything we do helps you love life and live it.' With these new product offerings and gluten-free upgrades, we can help people lead healthier lifestyles and ultimately make the world a better place, one individual at a time."


Founded in 1992, USANA Health Sciences (NYSE: USNA) is a U.S.-based nutritional company that manufactures high-quality supplements and personal care, energy and weight-management products in its FDA-registered facility in Salt Lake City. USANA's products, used by more than 600 professional athletes, are developed by the company's award-winning team of scientists and sold directly to Preferred Customers and Associates in 19 international markets. USANA has earned NSF Certified for Sport® certification for its SportsPak, Essentials™ (Chelated Mineral and Mega Antioxidant), Proflavanol® C100, Active Calcium™, Procosa® and BiOmega™ products. It has also earned NSF dietary supplement certification for its HealthPak™.

USANA is the No. 1 Rated Brand in Direct Sales Based on Customer Satisfaction in ConsumerLab.com's 2013 Survey of Vitamin and Supplement Users. Named one of Outside magazine's "Best Places to Work" for five consecutive years, USANA has received more than 100 state, national and international accolades, including Utah Best of State, Stevie Awards, Australian Business Awards, NutriSearch Editor's Choice and others. Learn more about USANA (www.USANA.com) and the USANA True Health Foundation (www.USANAfoundation.org/), stay current with the official USANA blog (www.whatsupUSANA.com), like us on the USANA Facebook page (www.facebook.com/USANAhealthsciences), or follow USANA on Twitter (@USANAinc).

Media Contact: Ashley Collins
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USANA Health Sciences, Inc.
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