Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Building Your USANA Business with a Web Hosting Site

Building Your USANA Business with a Web Hosting Site

- by Pete Zdanis


A USANA Web Hosting site can be a very powerful business building tool. But it’s a tool that is often overlooked and under-utilized by many Associates. 

If you don’t have a USANA Web Hosting site, we recommend that you set one up soon. 

If you are using a Web Hosting site, we want to give you some ideas on how you might enhance your site to make it more effective.

Items you must consider as you create and enhance your Web Hosting site are:

THEME: Is the purpose of your Web Hosting site clear? What is the message you want to send to your site visitors? Do you have an attention-getting headline that makes the visitor want to completely look over your site?

APPEARANCE: Is the overall appearance of your site pleasing to the eye with an attractive, professional color theme utilizing consistent fonts and image sizes? 

MESSAGING: Does your site provide a clear, concise message that flows logically? Or, do you overwhelm the visitor with lengthy, scattered information that they will never completely read or watch?

YOUR STORY: Do you include enough information about yourself, who you are, why you are in USANA, and why the visitor should purchase product from you or join your USANA organization? How do you differentiate, or “brand”, yourself? Do you have a picture of yourself on your site? Visitors want to know who they are dealing with.

CALL TO ACTION: Do you provide a clear and compelling reason for the visitor to contact you before they leave your site? You can have thousands of site visitors, but they are worthless to you unless you know who they are and how you can contact them so that you can get them offline and on the phone.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Is your contact information, including e-mail address, phone number, city, state/province prominently displayed so that visitors can easily get in touch with you?     

FUNCTIONALITY: Are all links and videos working properly? Do you have distracting videos and/or music that start automatically, or do you give the visitor the option of starting videos at the time of their choosing?

COMPLIANCE: Do all messages, statements, links, etc. meet USANA Compliance standards?

Your USANA Web Hosting site is your personal message to prospects and potential prospects, and you only get one opportunity to make a good first impression.

We hope that this checklist with help you build a powerful and effective USANA Web Hosting site to help you grow your USANA business with prospects worldwide.

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